The Trip Out

The Trip Out is a collection of poems that explores – with profound honesty, insight and sensitivity – the universal journey from existence without awareness to one of joy and self realization. The path is depicted in vivid verse, an ever-changing, moment by moment creation of thought and action; an odyssey whereby we awaken and emerge free and ever growing. The Trip Out is a colorful and multi-dimensional topography of the evolution and revolution of personal and universal self discovery.

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1 High Ways to Pass
2 Sum…its View
3 Fathersland
4 Mother Father Son Light
5 Showering Meadow
6 Ahead or Behind Love
7 The Angel and the Cedar
8 Nice Time of…
9 Year Round
10 There Go
11 Your Years View
12 Every Eve’s Night
13 Third Eye Light
14 What Comes
15 A Number in the Siskiyous
16 Cross Yourself
17 Seeds
18 God…………….?
19 Merry only marries…
20 For a Kidney
21 Sixties
22 Reaching Up
23 Reap
24 Humboldt of Light
25 Yelp Yelp Re…view

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