The Trip Out

The Trip Out is a collection of poems that explores – with profound honesty, insight and sensitivity – the universal journey from existence without awareness to one of joy and self realization. The path is depicted in vivid verse, an ever-changing, moment by moment creation of thought and action; an odyssey whereby we awaken and emerge free and ever growing. The Trip Out is a colorful and multi-dimensional topography of the evolution and revolution of personal and universal self discovery.

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1 The Angel and the Cedar
2 Nice Time of…
3 Year Round
4 There Go
5 Your Years View
6 Every Eve’s Night
7 Third Eye Light
8 What Comes
9 A Number in the Siskiyous
10 Cross Yourself
11 Seeds
12 God…………….?
13 Merry only marries…
14 For a Kidney
15 Sixties
16 Reaching Up
17 Reap
18 Humboldt of Light
19 Yelp Yelp Re…view
20 Wand…a wave
21 These Crossing Feet
22 She did
23 So Fitting
24 But the Truth…
25 Captain

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