The Kingdom of Feedom

U.S.S.R. oil to U.S. our oil
from Stalinist collectives to globalist connections
the soil is being spoiled
some names have changed, but the game’s the same

Look behind this burning Bush, same blood, same oil, ruining the soil
today’s collectives working at the corporate agricultural rate
hey there’s no hate, just mechanize at our going rate
we love family values, we love the family farm, we mean no harm
but we just bought your family’s farm

Look behind that burning Bush, same blood, same oil
they once sold collectivization, they now sell globalization
plays well on A.M. stations, all owned
not by the State
but its corporate surrogate mate
it’s not Stalinism, it’s not a totalitarian takeover
they’re not shooting Kulaks, are they
it’s just a super power makeover
they’re just aiming for super markets
it’s all clean and sterile
the whole world as their bread basket
so there’s a few caskets

Small farmers gone the way of  Manchester weavers
it’s the “Global Revolution”
turn, turn, turn, same blood, same spoils
this loom is so large, it’s seeds so sterile, it’s roots so rotten
but it seems we’ve forgotten
same deeds, new means

G.A.T.T. begot N.A.F.T.A., without T.L.C. for the T.N.C.’s
these capital……lists loom globally large
breaking them up falls on the small
letters and Luddites, sit-ins and shut downs
i, me, you, we
breaking them down, is knowing this sound
buying, from cities to towns, boycott the corporate thought

How are we to learn the way of modern day collectivization
when the means to the ends, are the same ‘n’s
CNN’s, NBC’s, TNC’s, networks, networking (a world wide web) news speaking
bumpercrops of  S.U.V.’s and I.O.U.’s
bumpercrops (watch your rear) means your seed is a plant from G.M.
any allergic reactions are, no fault, of theirs
you’re a cash crop, eroding like the soil you once toiled
with the spoils going to big oil

Look behind that burning Bush, it’s a double take, for oil’s sake
look behind that burning Bush, there’s an oil tycoon
with an increase in typhoons
a tsunami of well, wealth
for the substratum stratagem
of corporate globalism

ism, ism, ism, who is ‘em
look behind Bush number I
oil, oil oxymoron of free trade
look behind Bush number II
oil, oil and soiled Democracy
all done in the name of bringing back integrity
fee election and fee seeds, a fee for all your needs


Welcome to the feedom of globalism
just drop who you are
accept who they are
and you are in feedom
fee to visit
fee to park
fee to hike
fee schools
fee meals
fee elections

fee water?

There’s gold in them there hills, and it flows free
it drops free, into streams, to rivers to lakes
oh heavens sakes
get out the surveyors’ stakes

There’s oil in that there sea, Black, Red and Blue
it belongs to you …U.S.S.R.
Yeltsin, Yeltsin you’re our man
put the U.S.S.R to a vote
U.S.S. aren’t … minority rules
from Black Sea to Caspian Sea
from sea to shining sea
minority rules
if there’s gold in them there hills, Black or Blue
you’re gonna lose
minority rules
if there’s oil in the soil, there’ll be war on the land
from the Balkans to the Badlands to the Sand lands
minority rules

There’s a new fluid to be fee’d
it’s a corporate wet dream
because it’s something, you really need
and it’s going to leave you thirsty
thirsting for the day when streams and dreams
were free flowing

There’s an end run at Enron
to privatize the few pools of pure water
they envision tugboats towing football fields of H2O
a TKO for the WTO
when your faucet can’t fill your basin
you’ll hasten to the port nearest you
portable water for sale

Blue gold to be sold
life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
did you think that a drink was for free
you live in the land of the free
and faucets and spigots run clean
what do you mean there’s a fee
are we not free

to the United Kingdom of Fee
we were created in greed
where did you get the idea of free
that was the past failure called we
this is the promised land of the fee, and
you’re welcome to buy whatever you need, and
if you don’t like it … then flee

minority rules


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