Penned Resistance

Penned Resistance is poetic ink urging us to thInk about what is happening to us, to the U.S., to the world, and all that whirls around and inside us. To thInk as our true selves is to resist the forces that seek to occupy or control our thoughts . . . as an individual, a citizen, a man, a woman, a human, a Yeti.

Penned ink to thInk is a link to our primordial freedom ... our freedom to be who we truly are. Let it ring.

Graduates Rise

We rise and become closer

sons and daughters
reach a gathering and encircling becomes

We graduate into a seeing
the field fills with what surrounds
bringing us to a closer together

graduates of a kind
branches to the love
that raises



The Feds Are in the Field

Black and white white and black

the moon reflects both higher and lower effects
which way we look and how it affects
lets in the light the night the dark the depth

Tuxedos suits and ties wrap around a Globalist design
looking down on we the many the elite few
how do they view us crystal ball or something smarter
do they screen us

Take Eugene did you see it’s not eugenics
but a culling of a kind
Eugene Water and Electric Board
there’s a catch and you’re caught in a Catch 22
wire to a wireless
power connects 5G for it’s faster for
oh … there’s an opt-out option shun shun
show them confirmation of proper property safe access
Bark Bark
it’s utilitarian for the proletarian no more analog
its offspring is a digital clearcut
with a timbre you must adhere to

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Petals to a Life Light

The gift of a dream enlivens life in a rapture

sure in belief evening the evenings in the dusk
of the contours that can shape into mounts of doubt
that your movement is fantasy and your euphoria madlands

Imaginings of your own sea float
so steeped in the echos of your canyon relief
you adhere to a clearly hearing
not the herding terrain of reigns but clouds that shade
your oasis

without placement by degrees institutions foundations
but fountains
watering rises tributaries to your seeing
overseers overflow for the powers to control
undermine the mind divine in a rendering process they produce
to reduce dreams into a mainstream
pouring concrete rivers to see a channeling of the known
and keep the unknown unseen

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Out-Posts and Trigger Points

This is the Is….real…ity of the

Tik Tok…ing point
ban millions of Americans’ platforms
to form a more perfect union

For Israel is our outpost on the frontier
of U.S. hegemony and a controlling globalism
so if you post a contrary talking point
it triggers
a warning that you’re figuring out that Palestine has a side
and you’re seeing the divide was created by design
along UK…US geopolitical lines configuring
a genocide
your sentence “Access Denied”

Trigger warnings began at the beginning on native lands
read “Geronimo the worst of the worst”
fast forward to universities’ “Sensitivities”
hear no evil devils in the details
from sea to seeing universities billeting
“Bias Intervention and Response Teams” and “Informational Activities Policy”
now see
E.nvironmental S.ocial G.overnance for
sustainability or surveillance availability

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A Lone Couple

A lone couple trim a tree a day before

Christmas Eve
near a bridge over a creek
so they can see
the crossing scene

The branches cleared
the trunk reveals the growing rise
of stream to creek to river flows
the salmon sea then know their heading

Upstream the cup runneth over
a lone couple sat at a table in an empty
pizza place
through the window from the salad bar
seeing scenes from the kitchen from the register
you could assume they were

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