Penned Resistance

Penned Resistance is poetic ink urging us to thInk about what is happening to us, to the U.S., to the world, and all that whirls around and inside us. To thInk as our true selves is to resist the forces that seek to occupy or control our thoughts . . . as an individual, a citizen, a man, a woman, a human, a Yeti.

Penned ink to thInk is a link to our primordial freedom ... our freedom to be who we truly are. Let it ring.

Calabasas What Does It Tell Us

Calabasas what does it tell us

foggy morning helicopter parent on his way to coach
driven parents’ children
crashed in the Santa Monica Mountains
harmonicas in harmony

One of nine was a man of fame and following
an overflowing streaming
of memories memorabilia ability and memorials
adulations and idolatry
the hall the call of fame but what of the dam
the watershed the tears of her the fears of his
the fall from grace the rape case at stake life in prison
Kobe for sexual assault and false imprisonment
rape is not adultery

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Unchanted Territory

Protests are sweet if they’re in the streets…

in a land oh say we’d like under our hand
Venezuela Hong Kong oh Shah of bygone Iran
the way we sweep our streets is war policy for poverty’s teens
and institutional means of deceit
let’s meet

U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S…teacher uses a Personal Necessity
to protest nuclear testing then a later day to protest
a trickle down saints library on the rise in the Simi Hills
brings down a year later
Personal Necessity days used for political protest arrested
a Testament to Union and District restrictions
on us

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Bad Knights Errant


All we are saying in general killing is wrong
in General killing
Soleimani was an act in solidarity with an U.S.
a solemn usurping of we for a power of precedent
for Presidents to act as royalty
for a kingdom that comes from a global conspiracy

Police State
if you see something say something
oh say can you see a general assassination program began with
and oh bomb u.s. has now murdered a General
of a sovereign nation we’re not at war with yet

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The Lightning That Lives

There is no way you can frame defame

or contain the afterlife “Zapata after Zapata” Zapata is ever lasting
reviving his…story is the art thou we need
look up his deeds his pious sacred creed his steed

Amen to them aflame and unafraid high heels and horse a galloping
from Museo Belles Artes for all of us to re see him
the peasant noble man of Morelos and the moral of his story
now rides again let it never end
“La Revolucion”

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Industrial Diet


Food, flora, fauna
earth, wind, showers, flowers
international worldwide industrial powers
eating and aging in the industrial era
an eon’s worth of growth, ground down for dollars
spent in a span called the Industrial Age

Learning by osmosis, it’s the industrial way
strung-out cells of knowledge, addicted to dollars from Dow
while the Tao of blue sky turns gray
during a centenarian’s life, century of clear cuts
chop it down, ground it round
it’s the industrial appetite of my age
blinded by what we’re shown
we swallowed, burped, and breathed it
inhaling the promise of progress
through the industrial haze

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