Penned Resistance

Penned Resistance is poetic ink urging us to thInk about what is happening to us, to the U.S., to the world, and all that whirls around and inside us. To thInk as our true selves is to resist the forces that seek to occupy or control our thoughts . . . as an individual, a citizen, a man, a woman, a human, a Yeti.

Penned ink to thInk is a link to our primordial freedom ... our freedom to be who we truly are. Let it ring.

Sunflower Dream

Swa…mi amor master spirit
unlocking the thoughts that lift me aloft
princess of valleys and peaks into the subtleties and realities
the birds and the bees sunflower dreams
following sunny rays days and other shore waves
surfing the imagination of being
a smile riding up and down miles turning the corners
into bends so things come around

in a pyramid where a red dragon lives
streaming a tale without blues
reading poetry to a totem that pulses in universes unseen
she believes that heard they’ll return

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Heard the Rattlesnakes last evening full of life
coiled fates entangled states
heard the rattlesnakes that lasting sound you don’t forget
if you don’t listen it’s that sound that bites

Driving home that night the rocky peaks
the sun about to set
in the road up ahead I said
the brakes were dead the steering wheeled
the spin I took
I looked around

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Roger That…

that revelation on retaliation
that weather born on earlier relationship storms
where the umm…brella was to reign down upon
the scene perceived a torrent a flash flood a damning burst
fulfilling a thirst so well nursed that his thumb finds its finger
grips his pen and taps out its curse
for worst then his head hurts and the heart misses a beat

that then a revolutionary movement beheld him
from criss-crossing the rubicon of a checked past that betrayed
the rising tide inside
a weaning a passing into meaning to be

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Surrounding All of We

where does your warmth come from
blanky security near you how far are you now
wrap around tomorrows weave yesterdays today

the magic carpet ride arrives at dawn
each day it may arise
little hills little hills taller peaks it seeks
it sets down where you come round the role you play
begins a day began begone it’s hard to see
surrounding all of we the consciousness sea
the wave the shore

the warmth


Gathering Above

Backpack on the hill…sides all around him
views the steep climbs down and up
through this life the hike continues
the vision here improves our insights
the walking stick figures that heard
his hymn

Sing in the wind tumbleweeds and we
relatives of the same scene
knowingly carry on the further see
gathering above this home

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