Penned Resistance

Penned Resistance is poetic ink urging us to thInk about what is happening to us, to the U.S., to the world, and all that whirls around and inside us. To thInk as our true selves is to resist the forces that seek to occupy or control our thoughts . . . as an individual, a citizen, a man, a woman, a human, a Yeti.

Penned ink to thInk is a link to our primordial freedom ... our freedom to be who we truly are. Let it ring.

The Trip Out

How many grains does it take
to gain the seashore

Within us
we hear the call
we carry our shell
listening to an inner …. ear
that hears a call
that we all share

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To Where ... A Pony Tale

I didn’t tell my dad, he wouldn’t understand
I said I’d be back, but I didn’t say when
he said, “goodbye, son”
but I didn’t know I was leaving…I thought,
“just gone for the night”, but
the TV was gleaming, radiation was beaming
I knew he didn’t know just how far I’d be goin’

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Progressive Topics

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