Penned Resistance

Penned Resistance is poetic ink urging us to thInk about what is happening to us, to the U.S., to the world, and all that whirls around and inside us. To thInk as our true selves is to resist the forces that seek to occupy or control our thoughts . . . as an individual, a citizen, a man, a woman, a human, a Yeti.

Penned ink to thInk is a link to our primordial freedom ... our freedom to be who we truly are. Let it ring.


Meddling what is the mettle of
In God We Trust the dollar and amount
our national interest
the National Endowment of Democracy
is no Ned Ludd smashing machines
it’s the machinery
undercutting funding overthrowing revolutionaries
up…risings that smash regimes serving the empire state

dictatorships afloat with a U.S. moat
from Cuba to Iran Guatemala Nicaragua…
make no mistake this is the same coup Uncle Sam’s Contra Two
a serena…tion
by a N.E.D. and friends for a militarized Pentagon band playing Taps
to any steps not squared to our rules

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The Essence Between

The night before he was shot he asked for a spot
of his art on her wall
he was an artist then and so was she
siblings sharing a room in a home of nine
children with a single mom no pop living in poverty

He had a tree fort in the woods
a neighbor teen with a gun with or without aim
shot with view to the tree he was in shed wound to the head
he bled and in two days was dead

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Canons of Industry

Heil to Hail
from Nazi salute…ism to a fascist corporatism
it’s not folksy
Volks circled its wagons in Puebla, Mexico for profit over people
first it was emission production omissions
a bottom line hails
for a CEO chief that exhales a MPG smoke signal
that cast an exhaust cost into the air we breathe

Canons of industry
sacred same malevolent cannon fodder of reich and reins
producing grounded gravestones
now troop out at mach one sonic waves to hailstones
shock and awe
contraption epithet no rain
“Hail Bangers”
made in the U.S.A.

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So Vast

It’s the deep
where you learn to swim
it’s a far greater ocean then the when
you first saw the sea

that drive to see, … baby to boy to …
great grand father on a further shore
shallow feet will never meet
in the deep end it’s not dark

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It’s Not Well Done

Industrial identities of meat and milk…
their distortions of living and motherhood
to insure their labeling is what we
their deceit as the work of pro…fits
factory farming and assembly line production
proofs of

prophets in vivo
Industrial Revolutionary’s Luddites were not Dark Knights
but the first enlightened men and women to meet
industrialization in the streets
it took Wellington to defeat
processed from cottage home time line to factory time clocked
working man…aged child assembled in line lineage
working machines he’s and she’s tick tock
till the dark night quakes
in vitro

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