Ambush of America is a timely collection of poems that chronicle the controversial and historical events of George W. Bush's reign in post-September 11th America. While offering pointed insights into the present state of American values and ideals, each poem issues a challenge to the reader not merely to understand issues facing the evolution of our consciousness—as individuals and as a nation—but to examine our thoughts and beliefs, as well as our words and deeds. As all singularly radical and provocative poetry should, AmBush of America dares Americans to consciously determine the possibilities and hope for our own justice, freedom and democracy.

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Heorshewas In its Flash ….
Freedom … Fries
Not See
Operation Pipedream
Chilling Stadium
Civilian Run State
Basic Training
RSVP…Air Force Academy
Who Was It Who Said …
Reading, Writing, and Accountability
Rove, Rove, Rove
Umpire to Empire
Remarkably They Came