Umpire to Empire

in the Bush League
you get unlimited, unilaterally called pre-emptive strikes for war
you get to pre-empt strikes for dock workers
you exempt hybrid strikes on air pollution or
any solutions that might influence American corporate hegemony

In the memory of the Bush League
there are no balls for union halls that walkout or strike
in the name of workers’ rights
no balls for the long held well-worn belief that calls
on the umpire to empire
to make the call for the peoples’ relief from federal grief
states rights
the Constitutional protection from an overzealous chief
that overrides if you decide to pass the pipe
or stop the smog or save our logs
make that personal call to live or die
for aren’t we entitled to make those calls
safe at home

This collection ring has plenty of little white balls
if the call is to fill empty cups not being held by the homeless
but holding flagpoles numbered one through eighteen
with nineteen a bar code
that keeps the grass mowed and not rolled
and ensures the tee has a time and a fee
the fairways aren’t lined with thickets of pickets
to this back pocketing that puts …..
the whole in the grip of one

Who puts bases and faces in one hundred other countries
for pre-emptive strikes for their soil or oil
but has no basis for breaking the backs of dock workers
except that they don’t own stock
no shock for the only docks he walks are stocked with yachts from Nantucket

So he uses u.s. muskets for this protection racket
attacking any dance that doesn’t allow it to tap in …..
as controlling partner, a square dance with a flare and a Tony Blair
that separates you from your soil in the name of Big Oil

He spoils our air and water
drip by drip he dips his oily penmanship
into the very script, written to resist this form of dictatorship

This Bush League is made up of small clubs
with no woods
that, iron caddy up to the super-power daddy
that runs a protection racket from the
Guff Coast to the Gulf States
that super-power initiate
that doesn’t hesitate to bomb first to “build” later
a latter day state of it’s own incarnate

He makes his takes by calling fore ….. war
he lands on our fair ways by hook or crook … ed
pairing us with dick ….. tatorships and mis, dis or his information
he swings from the Executive Branch
through appeals, inside deals, and Supreme Court deceit

He sits entrenched and plays worldwide henchman
he doubles as his father on a signal by his brother
he rounds the earth on stolen bases

He thinks he’s in a league by himself
he thinks he can’t be called out
he thinks the empire is the umpire
he strikes out
strung out on pretzel logic, oil and military voyeurism
he thinks he’s still at bat
he calls u.s. out
and it’s about time we take his bat, our bases
his balls, the Halls of Montezuma
and shout …..
at home