Rove, Rove, Rove

Bush, Blair, Kelly, Wilson-Plame
Bush Blair blame Hussein
false uranium scare…s
Kelly, Wilson

The forged frame that became
international eminent domain
the blight, this night, Saddam Hussein
the right
“Bush Doctrine”
strike first or be struck
out of this muck…raking begins
to the chagrin
of the castle moat

Deep throats
a mid evil
must not cross…super-powerful politics
no sixty minute…”tick, tick, tick”
did David Kelly do the trick, slit wrist
hands twist

Switch to Wilson-Plame
C.I.A. agent made by White House aid
George the first said no to naming names
who’s to blame
speech made to inflame, mushroom cloud raised
Wilson IV claims, Niger not to blame
his wife, Plame, named

Who’s to blame
Rove, Rove, Rove
he built this Bush lair, he is it’s moat
no throat
speaks forth on first
no White House leak
would release a peek…in on a spook
unless the spool
to this fools…oil
is about to be unraveled
to reveal

That twists and turns
even on our own State of the Union, to spin a speech
to reach
then trespass on our own Intelligence
-not for protection-

We detect
Blair, Bush, aflame
Blame Kelly, Wilson-Plame

Be afraid
Bush, Blair name names
Superpowers aflame
a Kelly, then a Plame
Rove, Rove
a White House with no place to go
out, out
Bush, Blair