Reading, Writing, and Accountability

Teacher’s apple has fallen onto the table
of modern day Newtonians and
the gravity of measuring each room
student by student and
dividing them by the numbers
is splitting the core for score

Account, ability, no Pythagorean equality inroom
enter bean counters, linear lines, T-squared
trouble – (times) – uniformity
equals rooms empty of

Remember when school was fun?
Now, it’s fundamental, and your best score isn’t enough
and you can’t even score a lunch
stand in line, sit in class, take tests
math, science, government, p.e., pee
don’t pass get pissed, low scores, leave school
go to work
sit in car, punch card, fit in cubicle
measure up, tie knot, take tests
Rohrschach, lie detector, loyalty, urine
don’t pass get pissed come back loaded
get placed

In prison, receive cell … number
be measured, get clothes be dressed, count off
stand in line, sit in cell, learn, the, bar code
…don’t educate, incarcerate …

Remember when high school was fun and
teachers who taught were paid the same
as teachers who thought
teachers were caught for giving a point
to be given a raise
being paid by the point
the needle of greed
with tracks
that smack
of an all-out attack
on US
for a world full of order and rules

Remember when summer was fun?
Schools were closed and oceans were clean
when the sun didn’t burn
and you could get sunburned
when being brown or black or white was all right

Remember when high school was fun, and you could sit in the sun
spaghetti straps, belly shirts, short shorts
rise up
Hey you!
no tattoos, no tube tops
they disrupt
Remember when classrooms were classrooms, not test tubes
mentor teachers, merit pay, pay days tied to test tips
new schools full of rules

Remember when high schools were filled with classmates, dances, and dates
not a chessboard of moves, full of rules and
new mandated educational tools
fitted and finished for who?
Hey you!

Alright, year round school
learn more, more facts, more figures
more time in school  Hurry!  Hurry!
more stress, less rest, grow up too fast
your number is up, on wall, printed out
your number, not your name
makes your school
Blue Ribbon
tie a ribbon round the new school … yard
make it yellow
it reads out