Gas! Gas! Wilfred Owen shouts from his epitaph
it's an epiphany from WW1 that no one
should use gas

His bitter, sweet refrains only gain weight
as we follow war's wagon train
to this insane … fear Hussein
red, orange … who blew Chicago into the Homeland news
chemical assault
no exit

But the nexus is that we, us … have enough
chemicals to kill ourselves and everyone else
there on our shelves and on selves
for ground control or crowd control

Pepper spray! Pepper spray! … the Epitome
Night, Club, control
how is it so … the old lie
that makes gas attack by Iraq
is an imminent fact
but the blowback
is to track our record on chemical attacks
recall, Bhopal … et all
Agent Or … Russian Fantanyl
acid rainfall
into our eyes, pepper spray to do away with protest

The epitome
is chemicals in any hands in any land
create a blowback that our air, our breath
is an inspiration and that no nation should pepper spray
in any way take our breath away




The Epitome nightclub stampede occurred on February 17, 2003, at the E2 nightclub located above the Epitome Chicago restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, in which 21 people died and more than 50 were injured when panic ensued from the use of pepper spray by security guards to break up a fight.