RSVP…Air Force Academy

Bombs bursting in Air…Force…Academy
rape and sexual harassment
not its last “Passion” scandal

some evangelicals fail to recall
serves all
it’s a feeling and healing not an athletic complex
“I’m a Christian first and last, I’m a member of…
Jesus Christ”

It’s our nation’s Air Force…Academy
and they’re singing hymns
not of our nation’s First Amendment
but an apostacy of we, free to believe
for commands…meant to demean
other denominational beliefs

Jesus Christ’s name used
in vainglorious chauvinism and sexism
by those who train in our name
drop bombs that shame
academy with me’s, men that haven’t seen
their own history
how did they come to be…u.s. cadets

pilots…co-piloted by a religious fervor
that requires a RSVP
“Respecting the spiritual values of all people”
a class

to counter attacks on American women and Jews
and the few other views
at Colorado Springs
makes one wonder if we can believe
that our bom…badiers
those born…beneath a different scene