Basic Training

basic training
the cadence of a framework
in sync with human instinct
to protect not just u.s.
but the justice
of being free of foreign invasion
to be secure
in your person…

From rape
from Colorado U. to the Air Force Academy
Red Alert
terrorizing attack on women

Forced in the arms
of fellow soldiers
who invade their own…
terrorizing attack on women in Iraq
Colorado-red alert

Crossing the border
on whose order
they invade for the spoils

Within their ranks
they take liberty
with the sovereignty…of she…malevolent indignity
to all of we
who believe

In the beginning…
all men are created equal…Amen…ed to attune
to all mothers, sisters, lovers
from which all sons
come from
are sovereignties
with boundaries

genders from the sender
not to be evaded or invaded
by militaries or auxiliaries
don’t tread on he or she
my country ‘tis of thee