Civilian Run State

“Mission creep”
is not steeped in Constitutional feats
of a people not too be seen by the State as licensed plates
to be read by a dollar-sized “eye” in the sky
or to be surveyed by a military fly-by
because they are ….. on “our” side
they arrive not on a blind date but worse an ……
unwanted mate to the fate of a people
living beneath an overzealous security state

that crisscrosses our sky with a questionnaire, why?
they fly unweathered by lines written to keep faith in a civilian state
that now gives way to a voyeurism that gets a peephole from a bull’s eye
and sets sail
on sniper shots, who would have thought
that the second shot heard round our world
would reverse the verse of a Posse Comitatus Act
now subdued to lasso us in a loop that looks
at u.s. through lenses meant to
defend us from foreign enemies
not submerge us in a marine nation

Amber alert, mission creep, Big Brother seeps
onto our free ways and into our skies
some sigh…’s just a little bro peep
but aren’t we, the people, being herded asleep
by living nightmares instead of our dream
of a people living free
unobserved while being served by an enlightened state

to protect but not to take
what makes U.S.
even in the face of a villain
a civilian run state