Chilling Stadium

9/11 coups make news
cold chilling days
Helms held C.I.A., made
Allende in Chile ….. disappear
in 1973

9/11 of recent yesterday, was it C.I.A. made…
made probable by memos lost and memories…
Soviet Afghanistan, bases on others’ land, Viet Nam
Iran, Iraq, the Shah
rah, rah
sis, booooom…

In Chile democracy collapses
on 9/11
and thousands were felled by a Pinochet hell
created by ITT with a business like Kis…singer of,
School of the Americas scales, that assail Chilean democracy
as Marxist, thus mark it with an Nix..on
non-aligned politics
did you ever hear of this…

Auditoriums where you see
those who heard the promise of the word
struck down
by the twin powers
imperialism and militarisms

Chile lost its voice
brought in for what he brought out
Victor Jara sits in the red blood seats
of a modern day coliseum, Chile stadium
brought in for his beliefs
reserved seats for the most dangerous…belief

singer, poet, who sung is flung down a hallway
so no one would see the Kis…..
-singer dead-
the Committee of Forty … forty-four holes
in him who was whole

Now the whole story is beginning to be told
of a Chile cold … nine:eleven-seventy-three
what should we believe in nine-eleven, two thousand and three
of 9/11/01

tell me did we have a coup when a few flew
into the news
who, who, knew – who, who, benefited
terrible collapse
do the facts, correspond to the after acts
attacks, attacks … Afghans and Iraq

Who knew, who flew, and who used the tragic news
to pursue coliseum-like tactics … Chile stadium
9/11 infamous dates, chilling Septiembre cold days

From far away Chile, to “the Hill”
democracy was felled not upheld
we need a union
of western and eastern thought
not through u.s. coups or killing corps
no more

We need a score
written in harmony to the creed of all, of we
tres majesties, cosmic, land and sea
from Hermes to a universal me
life, liberty, happiness
to be
sovereign and free