Operation Pipedream

Operation Pipedream is the current nightmare
a smokescreen for extremists
who insist one life-size fits all
the fall of our mid-summer knights’ dream
of freedom for all

The dream that took form from the foundry
of our Founding Fathers, was the shape called liberty and justice for all
they were no average smiths
they were Free … masons, building with cornerstones
from Virgo
who came to create a place, a nation-state based
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
the original pipedream

The pipedream of we, now a pipedrain of reign
with lines that land a President on an aircraft carrier
for another address we can’t see
 out of the reach of free speech
he lands to glad hands

He rides ocean waves
to boogie board our red, white and blue
into Amber Alerts
that insert a Rave Act
that allows for a surprise attack
on your world views

Surprise attacks, WWII … Pearl Harbor, aircraft carriers
Trade Towers, too
who knew
Roosevelt, … Rumsfeld
platforms to Empire

Amber Alert, Rave Act
surprise attack
by Biden, unbound by the Founding Fathers’ sounds
they release the hounds into any event
not alcohol or tobacco scented
they come with cement shoes and helmet

Not the god sent Hermetic
winged shoes and top hat
that believe in you

Their cement shoes, dam you like rivers before you
to stop the free flow
from above to below
the thought is taught
that liberty in Bush Country is rooted
not in democracy
but a shallow soil weeded
not wild and free

A society that rows – through calamity
dam …ning what is free
to create a placid, false take
that reflects a neglect of our history

A spiritual heresy
that robs us … Americans and the world
of our Founding Fathers’ findings
that built our we … u.s.
upon beliefs of the Tresmegistus
not Knights Templar
Free … masons

Attempt in 1776 to change almost
from a political mono-culture
to a land of the thrice
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

The message is clear
not to be cleared, cut or disrupted
As above, so below
your life is bestowed to be free
not to be stowed into the “safe” harbor of
Homeland Security
but to be set free
your wings aren’t shouldered metallic
are of the galaxy

The Trismegistus
the creed of the free
is the alchemy
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

The American calumet
of a we
peaceful and free