Not See

Who, could not see from the land of the free
to shores that are only scores away
so shearingly close the abuse and misuse of war
and its terminology
what’s the psychology, what’s the drink, how do men think
when they’re drunk with power

rum and poppy fields
add oil and sea
and you have the seeds
of a
Commander in Chief, his Rumsfeld and Ashcroft
men at the top
who talk down

the Constitution, our institutions, and the Geneva Convention
as if they were subjects to their ambitions’ swords
words that can be taken
sliced, diced
“Let’s roll”
snake eyes not in accord
with our
documents and conventions
they swore to uphold

These sights of men blindfolded, muffled, shuffling, shackled
to be held in poor animal cells
for whose consumption
these sights are they slight or an abuse of military might
labeling U.S. guilty before proving them guilty
people held with no status
so they’ll tell us
what we want to know

How can we deny them prisoner of war status
illegally combating our own protocols
terrorizing presumed terrorists so we can interrogate
leaving open the gate of inhuman fates
for our own high tech soldiers captured on some future date

Why do they not see
same old power and greed
what would be their need
to show pictures of their misdeeds
of prisoners of war untried but mistreated
regardless of our treaties?

Does the world see, not see, at U.S. selected government creeds
so out of step
with a people who are steeped
but put temporarily to sleep by a terrorist bleep
visions that make citizens meek
who seek to see

Not an eye for innocent eye, but first an answer to why …….

The stars and the stripes must first strike with military might
why this ruling elite revolves around not
seeing our Founding Fathers’ Bill
ensuring our rights
creates an “Axis of Evil” to hate
then spins a reel that they cast to catch us
not seeing
they pin the tale on the donkeys, also
not seeing
trumpeting the trampling of everything they fear
under their perceived feats

Humane treatment goes to those forces not seeing
those with eyes that see us not seeing
are seen as against us and were sold
“If you’re not with us, you’re against us” as if it were sown
into Old Glory
creating a “must” in the air
a burning Reichstagnation suffocating the air, ways
of what it means to see

What’s emerging from the terrifying “9/11” emergency
not the meaning of rights with might
but the submerging of rights
by the selected
now elevated by a collapse
the potency of Commander in Chief, whose chief belief
seems to be his ability
not see
who we, the people, are

A people with inalienable rights and deep insights
people with a Constitution and eyesight can see
right through Camp X-ray, it’s the scariest machine
grinding down not just the “worst of the worst”
but worse
the recurring curse of demeaning the meaning of being human
so all can see
easily they can make
x-men exit

Guantanamo Bay, base, the face x-rayed to reveal
masked men on their knees in the hands of the free
on someone else’s land taken by forced lease
we land the Taliban on Cuba’s land
is this the same base plan that drove Osama mad
then to Afghanistan
now our planeloads push Castro’s hand

These “really bad people”, prisoners of Afghanistan and Pakistan
and other lands
don’t have legal standing upon landing
in Pentagon hands
because their feet, didn’t come complete, with
shined boots and crisp uniformed salutes
they are, “unlawful combatants” according to …
Rumsfeld rules
“They are not POW’s”, “They will not be determined to be POW’s”

Therefore they fall beneath the threshold
of what he beholds as a soldier
these Taliban taken from their land
treated as contraband but taken
from their land
to be held in another’s land

Under White House rules … that unwaveringly state
“You can’t play war games without a uniform…
…unless you play for our side”
that’s the dividing line, the line in the sand
shifts depending on current seas, oil, and crude rules
executive jurisdiction and a court of personality
that persecutes according to power
on an avalanche not of evidence
but residence
that snows the public with shows of fear and tyranny

This prism of the New World prison
presents an immoral cubism, a cell, isolated, depraved
paved by a compassionate Conservative, tax respecting
incarceration without representation
a nationalistic cubism of if you don’t see
you can not see
and still believe you live free