Freedom … Fries

What a blast
not the past Hiroshima, but the present …..
for Hussein

Who’s insane
like the past ….. the first to be attacked
by the latest blast …..
remember Los Alamos, New Mexico American desert turned to toast
today, part of Florida is fried
and even Congressman Ney can’t blame the French
much less Iraq, for this attack

is the result of a failed Texas panhandler
that can’t handle the fact that no one wants to vote
to attack
so they go back

to a panhandle that handed them the first White House invasion
the one that gave them this nation
to land by parachute the shock and awe … ah Florida
Bush policies
beg, borrow, steal
the White House Seal

see ….. shell
listen here … rah, rah …shock and awe … to help the world
see what only Bush and Powell saw
in Iraq
now attacks our seashore
by C-130 section
Bush, the son parachutes
onto our land by his hand
“The Mother of all Bombs”

A weapon of mass destruction
to instruct that he who said, to the father
that a u.s. invasion of Iraq would begin “The Mother of all Battles”
now looks across the sea ….. to see
that the son will bomb his brother’s land
the land that handed him his throne
will alone
a military Oscar to Meyers for …..
Most Arrogant Arsenal in Ordinance to Intimidate
with a description that this prescription is a just depiction
that we’ll (u.s.) use anything
in almost any stage of development
to develop our interest in your (Iraqi) oil

Who’s sayin’, who’s insane
we’re sayin’ ….. Hussein’s insane
but who’s got what to gain
at this stage, who’s displayin’ the ways and means
of a, psycho …..

logical to say that bombs have mothers
“Well, we do have bomblets”
and Little Boy was delivered by Enola Gay,
the pilot’s mother’s name
so who’s to say
who’s insane

“Massive Ordinance Air Burst”
over your neighbors’ hood
another unnatural c-section
a delivery timed to White House Office hours
a surgical incision by military decision
to pre-empt the stork for sort …ies
to deliver

The birth of a new Iraq, we attack with …..
“The Mother of all Bombs”
“Mother of all Battles”

We sharpen our ax to partition Iraq
from its and our old umbilical cord
that played to sovereignty
we now tie into the Father…Land and only the Father …
into the new well ….. oiled New World Order
we fall embroiled in oil and lies
freedom fries

We need to arise to mother the land
to father an even hand
to lead
by furthering and fostering ….. fulfilling
our dream
a worldwide dream

here on earth
that begin
in peace


Tweet Tweet 4/13/17
“Very, very successful mission”…airy Trump
delivers a first into war Big Baby MOAB
near a town around Eastern Afghanistan
with a North Korean sound
“…the problem will be taken care of.”