Search First

Are we, us, about to learn what all beautiful voices
have faced
from the Lesser Goldfinch to Parakeets
to human feet that take flight on the song of life
lived free
their rapture becomes reason to capture
is a sad chapter in the history of voice

She sang in her Oklahoma High School choir
until it required her to pee
she, in the land of the free
had sung of the brave
she had minded her p’s and q’s, so she refused
it unreasonable to search first, she went Fourth

She, perched atop her Constitution
singing the bars that secure
from the sounds of her body personal
being drained
in the name of
“Drug Free”

being fooled, roomfuls of peers
staining the rug being pulled out, …..
beneath them
they fill

With mug shots of U.S.
the pitch … ur is us pissing in the name of security
have we fallen so far from the Tree … of … Liberty
that to sing in our choirs requires us to pee
“gees … us”

Our scales thus assailed
are a falling pitch that
“Doth, say, to, me, where, is, thy, dig…ni…ty”
when forced to listen to my pee
being given to authorities

What kind of choir desires that you pee
“Oh say can you see … me”
standing in line to pee, so I can sing
from sea to shining sea
that we live on our knees
a nation that pees
by Supreme Court decree

We move from free to voluntary to man … datory
it’s the same old story
from free to your knees
they start with the youth
they’re innocent

To be drug free means being drug through …
gates that separate us from our heritage
into a tyranny

the apple on the teacher’s desk
has been replaced by the hard core
a cup
the de-vice
a vial is now your file
line up and smile
we drain the last refrains
“Oh say, can you see …”
hey, just pee!