On the Road to Rest in Pieces

Rest in peace
it used to be said, when you were dead
rest in peace has been demeaned
rest in pieces, what does that mean for your peace

Some parts living out lives,
on movies made for TV
your parts parceled out
while you were still in one piece

What kind of …ism could, should, would cause that wide a schism
remember the death defiling, …ism of grief grinding bone sieving
denture digging, human experimenting world wide nazism

What kind of …ism
doesn’t mind mining, in fact, will
describe you as unkind, if
upon dying you don’t sign, for
a surgeon to remove your insides, for once
you’re dead, as all the advertisements said,
you know you should be fed
to the living, so safety the New World’s orders
life after death

What kind of …ism decides you won’t mind
on the basis that the places
you’re going, to, it’s best to leave, the place
you’ve been in pieces
after death, you hear it said, by relatives and friends
he’s gone to pieces
she’s gone to pieces
they’ve passed on to many places

 Is it just an obvious extension of fed…eralism
is it capital fed…eralism or is it a
faceless fascist fed…eralist capitalism
not just mindlessly mining gold
this time it’s the young and the old
livers, kidneys, corneas for cash, no, no, no, not hash
they’re not a drug cartel, and
you aren’t going to heaven or hell, in fact
there’s not earth, moon or sun
that they wouldn’t mind
so let them dig, you can’t mind, you must sign
let them dig
let them dig
be it gold
the young or old
never mind
your soul

Give it up, dead or alive
Indians had to
Africans had to
Potosi´ too, and
now you have to, too
hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to our minds they go


You may pass away, but you will pass
your past pieces on through them
for them, then you, their music never ends


Hi ho, hi ho, it’s always worked before
grave robbing is as American, and
as grim
as Pilgrims whose
first bowls were found, underground

Now you know, there’s no rest in peace, there’s no peace
in life or death
for you, to them
are a part, in a process

that’s taking our heart