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1. <span class="highlight">Drones</span> and Vans
(Penned Resistance)
Drones and vans a no man’s homeland a killing capture of our heart… hands over a trust in u.s. to a just trust U.S. American gamesmanship leaves our shore on a ruse and abuses our portrait of patriotism ...
Created on 10 December 2015
2. Unchanted Territory
(Penned Resistance)
... of Commander in Chiefs that threaten our we usurping thief’s of our most cherished beliefs freedoms to speak press for relief from power and greed and Executive Privilege that drones for control of our ...
Created on 05 February 2020
3. No Quarters But Degrees
(Penned Resistance)
Fingers and thumbs pinball masters a machine from the past… athletes in the streets stadiums coliseum museum pieces from the change in game Fingers lose their grip and the opposing digit tilts thumbs ...
Created on 10 January 2018
4. Raiding the Name of We
(Penned Resistance)
... Clinton Bush Obama executive orders more of the same same same same same Iran-Contra-cocaine, C.I.A., NAFTA, Afghanistan Iraq, Drones School of the Americas Argentine Solutions for Sandinistas Israeli ...
Created on 21 February 2017
5. Egging on of Hits
(Penned Resistance)
Nobel prizes for “Exotic States of Matter” Obama for peace condensed matter physics explain this it’s not foreign it’s our Secretary of State in the land of Freedom of Press suggests “Can’t we just drone ...
Created on 03 November 2016
6. Tertulia
(Penned Resistance)
... Mussolini Franco past present tense two thousand and one nine eleven enough said Corporatismo bundles u.s. in a Project for a New America PNAC which drones and Trumps u.s. with Clinton the deck is stacked ...
Created on 06 May 2016
7. Current See Haul
(Penned Resistance)
Imperial powers did you bring down upon us the twin towers power and greed rise on the grounds burial ground to the sound of others’ armies on the move riding through to droning you on your grass fed moving ...
Created on 20 February 2016
8. It’s a Dead End
(Penned Resistance)
... drought unmanned drones Sticks and stones how does it go predator prey he or she was Hiroshima carnivore omnivore herbivore maybe the missing link is how should we think about life killing life is a ...
Created on 11 September 2015
9. Wrecktangleing
(Penned Resistance)
... pentagram messaging our upside is looking down On a new field game our territory a Deflategate opening our shores to a new deeding needing drones cameras angles chips off our cornerstones wrecktangleing ...
Created on 11 September 2015
10. In Your Faceism
(Penned Resistance)
That bird in the birdbath didn’t bathe when it came under my gaze observable consequences to all of our yes, … sir veiled ways Pray till you see it, it changes and so you do unto it, what it does when ...
Created on 04 July 2015
11. Sniper
(Penned Resistance)
“American Sniper” rifle, scope, target WMD’s that were never seen, women men deceased, lying, in country occupied home town landing a hymn of U.S. through this scope, he dies, one shot at a time Iraqi ...
Created on 11 February 2015
12. Colonial Relapse Disease
(Penned Resistance)
Axis of enti…ties Russia Today T.V. to the Islamic State and Boko Haram same sentencing by Chief of U.S. Broadcasting… A. Lack in a grouping attack of Cold War out of proportion a Voice of America Radio ...
Created on 11 February 2015
13. Regurgitate
(Penned Resistance)
... and awe, blue you bad guys hellfire missives then missiles, drones, white phosphorous light D.U.’s Driving in foreground IS… arrested trucks, Humvees, tanks, track thanks to U.S. asymmetrical warfare ...
Created on 04 September 2014
14. Hot Pursuit
(Penned Resistance)
... of terrorists or separatists are bad but not our Uncle SAM’s the damn Russians were in Afghanistan not our drones it’s those BUK’s on the border calls for order,… d’uh,… NATO D.U.’d Kosovo so Ukraine just ...
Created on 31 July 2014
15. Bowe He Arrives
(Penned Resistance)
... smear to a… clean-shaven and no mistaken he’s u.s…in a… asymmetrical brief exchange against a home backdrop full of drones where we nearly droned our own Bowe silver pick-up and Black Hawk landed two ...
Created on 11 June 2014
16. Predator (a b see we’re…) in Control
(Penned Resistance)
... privacy is a buzz above the hive humm of the Predator B Drones to enforce the drones another Tripoli shoring up the military industrial complex with a homecoming humming, “So nice to look up and be looked ...
Created on 26 February 2014
17. It’s a Spoon Fool Forgery
(Penned Resistance)
We are the robots the “Ironman” cometh, concept suit and ties to a not so comic not seeing conception of u.s. soldiering as “TALOS” not as Washington forged the Delaware rag tag and Revolutionary but as ...
Created on 10 November 2013
18. Telltale for a Goblin State
(Penned Resistance)
... for a military medical insurance... complex newspeak in the land of the free superpower zombies sleepwalking and talking in security speech from Bush to Obama precedents from the horrors of drones reigning ...
Created on 01 November 2013
19. Out...fields of 9/11 Horror Come Home
(Penned Resistance)
... others’ homelands and homes and drones targeted killings, Black Op’s, and JSOC an extraordinary rendition from John Hancock to a signature that strikes out liberty and justice for security and surveillance ...
Created on 21 October 2013
20. It’s the British Empire We Knew "Renew
(Penned Resistance)
... sea to shining see homeland bound voyeurism away, from principled feet Unmanned fleets prefer euphemisms for their drones it’s an unmanned vehicle an article of faith it’s for fire, law, real estate ...
Created on 30 August 2013