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1. Stop the Laptalk
(Penned Resistance)
Kids Kids Kids it’s time for P.E. an acronym to an activity physical education is a whistle blown on a track for a stationary fact there’s no need for P.E. let alone teachers the Apples on their desktops ...
Created on 26 July 2023
2. Needled … Freaks
(Penned Resistance)
...  …down in higher education indoctrinated you must do unto others what you’re told to do unto you from the Star Chambers of Chancellors first one shot from the chamber till the magic bullets are a fix… ...
Created on 30 August 2020
3. WHO Let the ManDate Your Data
(Penned Resistance)
... For “Relocation Methods” who draws these lines for online education it’s so camp it’s absurd it’s insane no it’s W.H.O.’s top ten global threat the… “Vaccine hesitant” That’s a big tent privacy threat ...
Created on 11 August 2019
4. That Pouch
(Penned Resistance)
The pouch it looked like something some cajun herbalist from Louisiana might wear with a look at a map it was far left of that west coast See we went to school on the south side of the Ronald Regan ...
Created on 30 April 2017
5. Auto… Parts From We
(Penned Resistance)
Auto parts for an autocracy mechanics of an oligarchy it’s not Russia it’s U.S. it’s not the American way it’s Amway and the DeVos Bet…sy it’s a pyramid scheme all seeing the dollar eye not the foundation ...
Created on 05 April 2017
6. Adoption
(Penned Resistance)
A man named Carl Jr. adopts a school named Sequoia Jr. and the children join the animals to become just so many more happy faces But behind the happy faces of principals and C.E.O.’s are the I.O.U.’s ...
Created on 21 February 2017
7. From Thoreau to this Pro…
(Penned Resistance)
Memories let me see in Locke steps an ode to Kaepernick stand up sit down fight fight fight might might this knight is right lean to the left lean to standing up for rights of man and rights of women Wollstonecraft ...
Created on 06 September 2016
8. Humboldt of Light
(The Trip Out)
From the Prussian aristocracy he sees saw slavery colonialism human greed seeds of where we are today through “Essay on the Geography of Plants” 1807 to “Cosmos” 1845 he made connections his theme and ...
Created on 23 August 2016
9. Imum
(Penned Resistance)
Car Max Car Ad and I Fell Into a Max… Imum of a matrix that makes us not just inductees but members in an assembly of god damned beneficiaries of efficiency auguries of I…industry cogs in the wheel running ...
Created on 20 February 2016
10. Not a Wilting Clone
(Penned Resistance)
Look aloft and stand tall you’re not salutatorian not in the military hierarchy or devotee or on the highest peak you’re a we a we of the people recognized in line, at a coffee shop or at the laundromat ...
Created on 22 August 2015
11. The Forth
(Penned Resistance)
On July first befor the forth to independence celebration Jerry Brown instead of vaccinating our children just send them home with a pot planted with we….ed! 7/01/15
Created on 04 July 2015
12. Californian's Hea
(Penned Resistance)
Mandatory headgear you’re not in the Army nor Navy or Marines so your head should be free there is no draft you’re not in the Air Force but it’s plain to see we’re on another slippery slope and it’s ...
Created on 15 March 2015
13. A Sheepherder’s Dream
(Penned Resistance)
Here hear herd, from a President to be from on high Hillary “The science is clear, the earth is round, the sky is blue, and hashtag vaccines work” to Jon Stewart’s tune “Science-denying, affluent California ...
Created on 11 February 2015
14. The Perfect Pitch
(Penned Resistance)
The perfect pitch from the cosmic rays put… to gather our home land earth mass has been grand slammed to a scale out of balance and into distortion by out of sorts’ … ties to lies that have changed our ...
Created on 25 January 2015
15. Inquestion…sition
(Penned Resistance)
Weren’t we the first immunization nation… free to choose a precedent to speak and be free of… redcoat in the living room, robe in the home, lab coat in the bathroom! to be innocent First, …alas not watched ...
Created on 01 November 2014
16. Remembore
(Penned Resistance)
Now we have in U.S., corporate feudalism with C.E.O.‘s and C.F.O.‘s the Big O...wners and players on 60 Minutes calling themselves Robin Hood Foundation placement for hood ornaments a... don’t tax us ...
Created on 29 May 2014
17. The DoDo and Getting it Done
(Penned Resistance)
Asteroids have rings and the outer Oort has a giant planet sized surprise and the Nobel Peace Prize goes to Obama bombs bursting in air and on this plane the last DoDo bird landed, … not knowing flight ...
Created on 18 April 2014
18. Professors Stand Your Ground
(Penned Resistance)
Triggering warnings from UCSB to Oberlin professors stand your ground not for the NRA but for a syllabi that isn’t a lullaby for millennials all may not want to know “Who am I” or “From Holocaust” those ...
Created on 15 April 2014
19. Well to Do
(Penned Resistance)
Trigger warning Vergara vs. California isn’t about Viagra or guns but if it succeeds it is a means to a coming end this shot if heard around schools will end tenure, fire at will, and reverse seniority ...
Created on 15 April 2014
20. Ode Cursive Waves
(The Trip Out)
Handwriting is old lore for the “Common Core” this dam to flowing letters pouring from the mind to man’s hand is... an automated signature to advance a new pattern of life old cursive’s sign is up against ...
Created on 26 November 2013