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1. Happy Hollowscene
(Penned Resistance)
  We the people born or brought or by circumstances birthed in structural inequities raised in injustices of race or place or impoverishments wore a mask to enter a bank to cover the face to take ...
Created on 24 November 2021
2. Ode to the Family Mendez
(Penned Resistance)
Now I lay me down to rest in my shack in the back country U.S.A. U.S.A land of the free and home of the Fourth Crash goes the door the curtain pulled back I reach for my B.B. …. “gun” shots number ...
Created on 04 June 2017
3. The Eternal Present Cold …… War
(Penned Resistance)
Gas without facts is how we attack not knowing from where Assad or more likely the other side three jeers and the cheer for the old Cold War comeback Iraq Libya Syria and the match sarin revving up the ...
Created on 07 April 2017
4. Players on the Playing Field
(Penned Resistance)
USA USA USSF a USS…are, you kidding protest for your rights to kneel women or man and the next thing you know there’s another rule…r to measure you kicking the can… U. S. Soccer Fed. feeds us another can’t ...
Created on 23 March 2017
5. Reveal Itself Yourself
(Penned Resistance)
Harlequino behind the mask of servitude slavery came to, … ask staging the play actors the gang masters slaves authoritarian waves thrones parliaments presidencies hope change just say democracy the ...
Created on 31 July 2016
6. Current See Haul
(Penned Resistance)
Imperial powers did you bring down upon us the twin towers power and greed rise on the grounds burial ground to the sound of others’ armies on the move riding through to droning you on your grass fed moving ...
Created on 20 February 2016
7. Imum
(Penned Resistance)
Car Max Car Ad and I Fell Into a Max… Imum of a matrix that makes us not just inductees but members in an assembly of god damned beneficiaries of efficiency auguries of I…industry cogs in the wheel running ...
Created on 20 February 2016
8. Sean Penn…MANSHIP
(Penned Resistance)
Sean Penn, … COINTELPRO … Tell ‘em and u.s. your writing lead to “El Chapo” and sow the story goes read all about it all of it through approved penmanship all aboard now row row and write write write into ...
Created on 18 January 2016
9. Malignant Apostasy, … Hooah! For Who We Are
(Penned Resistance)
TPP advance guardian of our corporate oligarchy invasion of trust big U.S. against we… see gene TP 53 in elephants evolve into 19 retrogenes Peto’s Paradox conundrum hmmmm large mammals other than we are ...
Created on 22 November 2015
10. Legiti…mate
(Penned Resistance)
Walking while free no profiling need, … then no pet seen code red Newport Beach sand… lot sees red equals dead he or she species coyote profiling I.D.’s them as “wild dogs” “rabid pit bull” “mosquitos” ...
Created on 12 November 2015
11. It’s a Dead End
(Penned Resistance)
I’m no Darwinian but the lion is losing we’re evolving our distinction of driving others to extinction killing carnivores for adornment of wall and halls is a super-predator open door trigger warning this ...
Created on 11 September 2015
12. Wrecktangleing
(Penned Resistance)
Body cameras for police V chips for your dog who’s collaring who shoulder pad chips for your block and tackle action heroes, don’t pretend we’re not in the Google lens tracking like a UPS truck run on ...
Created on 11 September 2015
13. Not a Wilting Clone
(Penned Resistance)
Look aloft and stand tall you’re not salutatorian not in the military hierarchy or devotee or on the highest peak you’re a we a we of the people recognized in line, at a coffee shop or at the laundromat ...
Created on 22 August 2015
14. Baited ill-fated app…
(Penned Resistance)
What’s the bait are the birds the bear the animal fare the only ones baited into an ill…fated capture by our app…etite for a sedentary life estrangement from the natural range of life tricked they treason ...
Created on 04 July 2015
15. Balti…more a Rebellion
(Penned Resistance)
Sectarian violence has come home to Baltimore ghetto gangs to infantry police our streets from here to Cairo we support the troops that suppress the rest in peace apart from justice Baltimore your Gray ...
Created on 30 April 2015
16. SUCKLE UP It’s the LAW
(Penned Resistance)
In question…aire visiting your non-violent friend in for a non-violent crime there a new rhyme to reason a leading question towards a further punishment in form meant to not see, have you been in an ebola ...
Created on 15 March 2015
17. Do What It, … Takes
(Penned Resistance)
Deflategate and the… Patriots like the torture thing… play on never again new reforms the norm it’s the Patriots can’t question that call for war for for for, … are you against the Patriots Contragate ...
Created on 25 January 2015
18. Into a White Room from a White House
(Penned Resistance)
Never, ….. never again nevernever land was a piece of mind a blind side a place a state a home on a range we need to explain Our war ways are having a homecoming not of King and Queen on our field of ...
Created on 20 December 2014
19. Not See
(AmBush of America)
Who, could not see from the land of the free to shores that are only scores away so shearingly close the abuse and misuse of war and its terminology what’s the psychology, what’s the drink, how do men ...
Created on 12 December 2014
20. Inquestion…sition
(Penned Resistance)
Weren’t we the first immunization nation… free to choose a precedent to speak and be free of… redcoat in the living room, robe in the home, lab coat in the bathroom! to be innocent First, …alas not watched ...
Created on 01 November 2014