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1. Heorshewas In its Flash ….
(AmBush of America)
In its flash it took the life … but left the shadow … intact it took the life, but left the shadow … Unlike the true sun … under which one … grows and grows until it shows, when lit a shadow cast Ablaze ...
Created on 29 July 2022
2. To Where ... A Pony Tale
(To Where ... A Pony Tale)
I didn’t tell my dad, he wouldn’t understand I said I’d be back, but I didn’t say when he said, “goodbye, son” but I didn’t know I was leaving…I thought, “just gone for the night”, but the TV was ...
Created on 21 April 2022
3. Igniting Our Alchemies … Basic Chemistry
(Penned Resistance)
... nukes animal die…its human markets in disease while we cover up we continue to breed poverty Let’s return the atom to the eve of the dream framing us in a Constitution not conned…stituents irradiated ...
Created on 21 January 2021
4. Trump Un…
(Penned Resistance)
“Little Boy” and “Fat Man" developed to deliver an end to the then axis of evil Germany Italy on Japan they were dropped Hiroshima and Nagasaki he or she was and we became “Destroyer of Worlds” to end ...
Created on 21 August 2017
5. Angryium
(Penned Resistance)
Mmmmmmm angry birds take flight military might air polluted rivers too am I gay maybe bi but that’s not why I question all the lies pursuit of happiness down the streets up the trees womb to tomb stoned ...
Created on 21 August 2017
6. We Enter the Rings
(Penned Resistance)
As we’re surveilled around our world with a tick tock clock at three minutes to midnight a NASA Cinderella story named Cassini sent to see our solar sister is coming to an end The fuel fitted to this ...
Created on 04 May 2017
7. Freedom … Fries
(AmBush of America)
What a blast not the past Hiroshima, but the present ….. for Hussein Who’s insane like the past ….. the first to be attacked by the latest blast ….. alas remember Los Alamos, New Mexico American desert ...
Created on 14 April 2017
8. The Eternal Present Cold …… War
(Penned Resistance)
... next war it’s the eternal present there’s no Korean history just north or south no MacArthur aggression, southern nukes or KAL downer just an axis of evil bundling stakes grinding toward war same old rhetoric ...
Created on 07 April 2017
9. Egging on of Hits
(Penned Resistance)
Nobel prizes for “Exotic States of Matter” Obama for peace condensed matter physics explain this it’s not foreign it’s our Secretary of State in the land of Freedom of Press suggests “Can’t we just drone ...
Created on 03 November 2016
10. Astrainofus
(Penned Resistance)
Asterimos fills the ears Pythagorus hears these spheres that influence the confluence of as above so below We trash the desert trash the seas space waste encircles us, junk the DNA we can’t read all ...
Created on 04 July 2015
11. Finely Textured Colon…izing
(Penned Resistance)
Fine textured beef euphemism for eaters of industrial lives separated and rendered and now more precisely defined as Pink Slime Finely trained Red…Coats of colonial times feared and jeered here and everywhere ...
Created on 01 November 2014
12. Regurgitate
(Penned Resistance)
Oil painting “Beheading” background PNAC’s attacks 9/11 awakening occupation surge Sunni purge usurpation war powers act Saddam Osama demon schemes to current scenes oil painting sky red, shock ...
Created on 04 September 2014
13. Prophets for Profits…?
(Penned Resistance)
SIL ISIS IS US are we in Iraq again Afghanistan still Israel always Ukraine new gaming US them USSR Great Game United States United Russia war partying painting red white green on blue democrats republicans ...
Created on 16 August 2014
14. Hot Pursuit
(Penned Resistance)
Hot pursuit begins with Geronimo and continues then U.S. into Mexico, now into Pakistan, "Geronimo" Manifest Destiny has grown from sea to shining sea to a Manifest…nation manifesto for corporate global ...
Created on 31 July 2014
15. An un Al...chemical Separation of Bonds
(Penned Resistance)
Bonds school to your Constitution are there to hold you to their truths not to be construed to sell construction as Apples or war as American pie L.A. delivered iPads on the foundation of Construction ...
Created on 06 September 2013
16. Alpha Mail in the New Year Two Thousand and One
(Penned Resistance)
An old man looking up to the sky seeking the light of a third eye night burning bright, heaven sent, earth bound so he can walk around looking up on the darkest night to the deepest light seeking insight ...
Created on 16 December 2012