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(Penned Resistance)
... messaging for killing the dream, the Bill of Rights 1 through 10, to 13 to all men, to all women to a Policeman’s Bill of Rights are we the whale the Dick’s are after from Cheney to Bush to Obama new doctrines, ...
Created on 17 February 2013
42. Lies, Libya, and the Pursuit of Oil
(Penned Resistance)
... oversee any scene, if we want, we intervene no bridge too far just a cause...way to invade sovereignty with Bush politics or Obama Doctrine Let’s fight for women’s rights woman raped, escaped to ho-tale ...
Created on 21 January 2013
43. Stars and Stripes of Our Own Dream
(Penned Resistance)
... weavers this spin changed their spatter to a new platter consuming the “commons” pattern men and women, robins and hoods conforming to the new uniform scene continues from industrial age to today’s games ...
Created on 21 October 2012
44. Again
(Penned Resistance)
We need cheerleaders for the... poets that founded this country free to believe in this field of dreams anyone can score at least since Four Score and Seven Years a...go women’s rights a...go, gay rights ...
Created on 21 October 2012
45. Metamorphosis ... the Created Chrysalis
(To Where ... A Pony Tale)
... of he…ated supremacy but the amen of all men and women in equality not an a…men…of an amend…ment meant to constitutionally divide the divine to take sides alignments not in our constitutional lines Oh ...
Created on 14 October 2012
46. The Leader in Capital Returns
(To Where ... A Pony Tale)
Terri Schiavo, Terri Schiavo since 1990 oh, you’ve suffered so and now they won’t let you go even though…the one you loved says you would want to be let go The Presidential leader in capital…returns ...
Created on 26 September 2012
47. Division Without Vision
(And Howls for Us to Follow)
She was imprisoned, caught, captured, sentenced to life why? were words, she didn’t use, but she knew if others were confused that heaven was now a hell in a cell a division without vision A room but ...
Created on 22 September 2012