• Bad Knights Errant


    All we are saying in general killing is wrong
    in General killing
    Soleimani was an act in solidarity with an U.S.
    a solemn usurping of we for a power of precedent
    for Presidents to act as royalty
    for a kingdom that comes from a global conspiracy

    Police State
    if you see something say something
    oh say can you see a general assassination program began with
    and oh bomb u.s. has now murdered a General
    of a sovereign nation we’re not at war with yet

  • Unchanted Territory

    Protests are sweet if they’re in the streets…

    in a land oh say we’d like under our hand
    Venezuela Hong Kong oh Shah of bygone Iran
    the way we sweep our streets is war policy for poverty’s teens
    and institutional means of deceit
    let’s meet

    U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S…teacher uses a Personal Necessity
    to protest nuclear testing then a later day to protest
    a trickle down saints library on the rise in the Simi Hills
    brings down a year later
    Personal Necessity days used for political protest arrested
    a Testament to Union and District restrictions
    on us

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