• A Black Butte Returning

    Fire inspired fungi

    on the trunk of a cedar burned
    but not ash
    and the trail takes us higher

    Intuitively zooming this mushrooming
    tattooing of a high mountain tree
    for the climbing mind to branch into
    a better being

  • Bats Man and Eating Animals

    Panacea for a Pandemic

    SARS too SARS COV-2
    bats man and eating animals
    the virus of us blood letting from a wet market

    A consciousness shot heard round the new global reality
    begins to see Chardin’s “Noosphere”
    not the man made Anthropocene but a means to an
    interconnected one
    not just to one species but one with all thee’s
    birds bees the tallest trees streams the living truth
    the heard immunity
    “Thou shalt not kill”

  • Blast…phemy of the Billion…aires


    Text us in a Twitter filed in a brief

    take flight while their debris
    grounds us in a Texas crime grime

    Space X us in their plumes smoke screens
    befall us as the new kings and queens are crowned
    with tax breaks
    and lab leaks Gates to Ukraine us in
    while they buy our farmlands
    and feed us the crap of Corporate Capitalism

    This blasphemy has no god it trusts its gods are
    greed no creed no prophets just profits
    bottom line figures icons to con us
    magnates to a scientism that has a five cent sense memory
    with no remembering the good consciousness that created we

    The only star on this “Starship” is the falling stars and stripes
    that now drape the billionaire class in indemnity
    that strips us into a barely making it hold
    corralled in chorus of…heirs singing U.S.A…Aid us
    a private pirates party reign
    dusting us in ash clouding out the son of equal one to a 1%
    concentration of wealth and the wrath of that aftermath

  • Canons of Industry

    Heil to Hail
    from Nazi salute…ism to a fascist corporatism
    it’s not folksy
    Volks circled its wagons in Puebla, Mexico for profit over people
    first it was emission production omissions
    a bottom line hails
    for a CEO chief that exhales a MPG smoke signal
    that cast an exhaust cost into the air we breathe

    Canons of industry
    sacred same malevolent cannon fodder of reich and reins
    producing grounded gravestones
    now troop out at mach one sonic waves to hailstones
    shock and awe
    contraption epithet no rain
    “Hail Bangers”
    made in the U.S.A.

  • Dark Avenues of Revenues

    Our wet markets (if not our bio-weapons labs) our abuse of animals

    create a need for vaccines
    zoonotic diseases creep as we eat and are asleep at the wheel
    driving on industrial diets we arrive in a crash course
    of IOU in the ICU
    we are what we eat full of deceit
    for all but we

    Sars-Cov-1 should have done the trick now comes the treatment
    for Sars-Cov-2 many many more
    a big pharmacological dreamscape vaccines for ever more more

  • Doctored Metaphors Doctrines for Power and Greed

    “Enhanced Interrogation” “Qualified Immunity” “Implied Authority”
    trends that offend
    from “Black Sites” to “Shields for Blue” to “Bears Ears”
    listing here a “Grand Staircase - Escalante” ship of fools
    escalates escalator in a palace siege of natural dreams
    leaders ladders climbers rung to misdeeds

    Haspel’s interrogations disappearing tapes, police mission creeps with Supreme Court
    deceit that “Shoot first and think later” escapade in spades
    monuments be Trumped native spirituality in all of us
    gambled away wealth and power dis…play

  • From a Musket to Must Get

    The extraterrestrials have landed and we invade

    for iridium titanium
    for the shining sea now sees their landing
    a port of call for our security oh Tripoli
    just say Haiti Afghanistan or any land um um lithium
    summons the documented aliens of U.S. Army Marines overseas
    cross borders on orders it’s a job but to rob
    the well war worn course for
    extraterrestrial rare earth gems

    Those them
    the menu of old gold silver and lying for oil
    now gushes towards a New World Order for extractables
    just hope a past asteroid didn’t land on your land
    or our Homeland to feel safe has no fail safe

  • Igniting Our Alchemies … Basic Chemistry

    “The Immortality Key” opens through “The Doors of Perception”

    rising from the “Road to Eleusis”
    igniting our alchemies basic chemistry
    the artistry that we are spiritually conceived
    to see the potion in the portion of life called physicality
    that matter and what matters
    is life and death are the wings of

    from the toes of Pegasus to the wrought wings of the Wright Brothers
    and the fright of the Enola Gay
    from an ecstatic beginning to a worst case scenario
    now a nuclear Phoenix is arising from the ashes of
    new war…heads of three billion spent with a Trumpist effort
    and bi…partisan support

  • Industrial Diet


    Food, flora, fauna
    earth, wind, showers, flowers
    international worldwide industrial powers
    eating and aging in the industrial era
    an eon’s worth of growth, ground down for dollars
    spent in a span called the Industrial Age

    Learning by osmosis, it’s the industrial way
    strung-out cells of knowledge, addicted to dollars from Dow
    while the Tao of blue sky turns gray
    during a centenarian’s life, century of clear cuts
    chop it down, ground it round
    it’s the industrial appetite of my age
    blinded by what we’re shown
    we swallowed, burped, and breathed it
    inhaling the promise of progress
    through the industrial haze

  • It’s Not Well Done

    Industrial identities of meat and milk…
    their distortions of living and motherhood
    to insure their labeling is what we
    their deceit as the work of pro…fits
    factory farming and assembly line production
    proofs of

    prophets in vivo
    Industrial Revolutionary’s Luddites were not Dark Knights
    but the first enlightened men and women to meet
    industrialization in the streets
    it took Wellington to defeat
    processed from cottage home time line to factory time clocked
    working man…aged child assembled in line lineage
    working machines he’s and she’s tick tock
    till the dark night quakes
    in vitro

  • Little Chicks

    Chicken Little the sky is falling little chicks

    with bigger breasts
    juicy and tender big vendors adore your taste for their flesh
    quarter pound hens in pens you’re abreast to a battery cage assault
    a little piece of dead sandwich fed between a bun sized processing
    by the Huns of die…eating

    Specification animals engineered to fill
    packaging protocols
    the sky is falling for rockets and planes’ with fuel droppings
    no regulations for space race…isms
    kerosene black soot hydrazine

  • Satellite Strings in a Dark Musk

    Last night in the dark night sky

    there was a beautiful flowing streaming UFO
    oh know
    it was an unfortunate flying objection
    advertising a connectivity destroying creativity in the name of the poor
    the rich Elon Musk with an act scent of Mars
    aggressively stringing satellites pulling sleighs of in…flowmation
    a kneeling down
    to the Crown controllers of today they have made
    the contrails of day all the way to the heavens
    crisscrossing our stars we are now laced to the magnates

  • Sir Man Summoning

    Newsom’s new sum summons us as masked he didn’t ask
    scientists of his choir sing sing in condemnments
    for you to breathe in your exhales to inhale his hails
    the governor ignores your your in order

    to his storied word his book ends now cover your mouth
    you hear the censorship it’s the only voice covered
    adhered the good citizen sees the citizen
    as sinizen and East meets West
    con…figuration force forged face covering facial recognition as
    ignition cognition of a new religious

  • Space Car Cape…er ARV’s Are We

    Take offs for profit not prophets
    space car Cape…
    Canaveral escapade heads for the sun
    Starman manakin at the wheel for a fortune to come
    this Tesla midnight cherry red roadster
    named for a man fine grooming a death ray
    for sale cinder…ella a combustible story sets sail
    namesakes, in a high stakes SpaceX, nexuses to the national security state

    invasions of Mars moon
    rockets red glare from here from where
    Operation Paperclip rocket nazis to U.S.
    V-2 Saturn V stay tuned “Project Mars” “Dr. Strangelove”
    is that you Wernher von Braun SS then one of U.S.

  • Stare to Where

    5G yeah we’re led to say ok it’s faster
    it’s not magic it’s a mad magician’s trick
    a stare to where
    you don’t see it’s a meter away how smart is that
    it’s a commercial attack
    radiation like it’s never been sold
    poor old atomic soldiers Manhattan and the projection became
    from we to not see

    3 Mile Island was a meltdown now the countdown to 5G
    only the I lands right next to me so smart I only need one hand
    and it reads for me 5
    it’s a geographic land mass slide for atomic scale massless graphene
    microwave frequencies scaler waves of brain control
    from sea to all of we 5 geed

  • The Role Called

    The river flows as the soul goes
    there the bends there never ends
    don’t be damned up about boulders on your shoulders
    find your way around let your feats rise
    till your thoughts overflow
    and the stream fulfills the dream
    the wish is your will
    the damn it man made it
    cascade the shade in sprinkled light

    Wither the weather
    storm cells perseverate cell towers metastasize
    five gee’s and we cell phones held heading unheard
    for sale is afloat and you are the antidote
    salesmanship is incorporated and corporal arms sales have reached your arm
    the pin prick of witch hunts is now a global vaccine scene

  • The Stance of You, Man

    Oh the joy of Typing in, … cosmic

    kosmos, … see ourselves separate and not whole
    holy cause that vibrancy that invisible indivisible we
    that consciousness that’s out there is in me
    cosmo we’re cosmic supercharged mesons rising rays of Mother Earth
    we’re everywhere and in everything

    Typecasting into the way far out brings you down on earth
    till the reel begins to feel like there’s …
    a line attached
    and you
    let go

    into existence and nonexistence
    the stance