• Ad…venture in…Digestion

    Factory farming incu…baits us into lab grown meats
    life-science companies so you can eat
    molecular biology gee whiz kids
    Silicon Valley’s next hip market is a…breast
    milking us in curdling fermentation molecules
    fake meets the next bust

    IndieBio for the bucks dear me
    let them eat life science
    animal free egg white birth of synthetic feed lots
    wine and dine for the masses
    don’t stop reproducing don’t stop killing thoughts
    synthetic buyology marrying genes so you can be SOSV…

  • Awash in a New Land

    “First they came for …” an exercise of religious freedom

    then abridging speech and pressing not for the Pearly Gates
    or our Bill
    but Bill Gates formulations that mass gatherings should have

    Our new nation revolutionized the King Done
    now we’re flattering a Queen of Imperial Disease for a crowning
    kind of speech on Corona disease
    to capture the contagion we must contain
    what remains of the Ten Amendments and Ten Commandments
    listening to the Queen of Invasion of the common…wealth
    -Stay at home Social distancing Shelter in place-
    if only she and her aristocratic European ancestors
    had only taken this tack instead of catching the wind…
    fall for attacking enslaving and engraving
    a New World in a gold and silver
    lying lining five centuries of mass graves
    of visible and invisible
    crimes of La Corona of colonialism

  • Bats Man and Eating Animals

    Panacea for a Pandemic

    SARS too SARS COV-2
    bats man and eating animals
    the virus of us blood letting from a wet market

    A consciousness shot heard round the new global reality
    begins to see Chardin’s “Noosphere”
    not the man made Anthropocene but a means to an
    interconnected one
    not just to one species but one with all thee’s
    birds bees the tallest trees streams the living truth
    the heard immunity
    “Thou shalt not kill”

  • Industrial Diet


    Food, flora, fauna
    earth, wind, showers, flowers
    international worldwide industrial powers
    eating and aging in the industrial era
    an eon’s worth of growth, ground down for dollars
    spent in a span called the Industrial Age

    Learning by osmosis, it’s the industrial way
    strung-out cells of knowledge, addicted to dollars from Dow
    while the Tao of blue sky turns gray
    during a centenarian’s life, century of clear cuts
    chop it down, ground it round
    it’s the industrial appetite of my age
    blinded by what we’re shown
    we swallowed, burped, and breathed it
    inhaling the promise of progress
    through the industrial haze

  • It’s Not Well Done

    Industrial identities of meat and milk…
    their distortions of living and motherhood
    to insure their labeling is what we
    their deceit as the work of pro…fits
    factory farming and assembly line production
    proofs of

    prophets in vivo
    Industrial Revolutionary’s Luddites were not Dark Knights
    but the first enlightened men and women to meet
    industrialization in the streets
    it took Wellington to defeat
    processed from cottage home time line to factory time clocked
    working man…aged child assembled in line lineage
    working machines he’s and she’s tick tock
    till the dark night quakes
    in vitro

  • Little Chicks

    Chicken Little the sky is falling little chicks

    with bigger breasts
    juicy and tender big vendors adore your taste for their flesh
    quarter pound hens in pens you’re abreast to a battery cage assault
    a little piece of dead sandwich fed between a bun sized processing
    by the Huns of die…eating

    Specification animals engineered to fill
    packaging protocols
    the sky is falling for rockets and planes’ with fuel droppings
    no regulations for space race…isms
    kerosene black soot hydrazine

  • Little Cow Wow

    The little cow looking ahead

    not looking down on his hooves
    behooved why was it the herd were stopped in their tracks
    was it a matter of facts
    stayed by the flat white picket apparition partition
    grooves repeatedly seen as a checkpoint for

    He could see at his feet the stripes painted white
    under stars and stripes glistening
    for the listening herd there was no passing at night
    for little cow wow there were plenty of thoughts on his brow

  • The Role Called

    The river flows as the soul goes
    there the bends there never ends
    don’t be damned up about boulders on your shoulders
    find your way around let your feats rise
    till your thoughts overflow
    and the stream fulfills the dream
    the wish is your will
    the damn it man made it
    cascade the shade in sprinkled light

    Wither the weather
    storm cells perseverate cell towers metastasize
    five gee’s and we cell phones held heading unheard
    for sale is afloat and you are the antidote
    salesmanship is incorporated and corporal arms sales have reached your arm
    the pin prick of witch hunts is now a global vaccine scene