• And Then They Came For… Your Daughter’s Goat

    Cedar her goat was part of her

    re…membering what part of U.S. was created fair
    reminds us her fair goat may not be the
    G.reatest O.f A.ll T.ime
    but it was her

    American exceptionalism as you’re seeing is for
    no exception given to this little girl’s feats
    raising little goat feet

    She seeking a little retreat from a 4H agreement
    for these goat feet to be auctioned for meat
    was met by police with a warrant to breach
    with breaching equipment if need be for breaking a minor’s contract
    contacts the deceit to teach the breadth of power
    to take a breath

  • And We Send in …

    The old saw plays today in an unusual way
    how Coolidge is it “The business of America is business”
    Trump tells this Saudi tale first oiled by FDR
    that our relationship floats over amendments
    to now serve our armaments
    industries not of Rights but Bills with interest
    for global destabilization and control

    from under a Kingdom we came kingdoms come with killing
    from the Tower of London to current powers
    kingdoms some come to change their names not ways

  • Blast…phemy of the Billion…aires


    Text us in a Twitter filed in a brief

    take flight while their debris
    grounds us in a Texas crime grime

    Space X us in their plumes smoke screens
    befall us as the new kings and queens are crowned
    with tax breaks
    and lab leaks Gates to Ukraine us in
    while they buy our farmlands
    and feed us the crap of Corporate Capitalism

    This blasphemy has no god it trusts its gods are
    greed no creed no prophets just profits
    bottom line figures icons to con us
    magnates to a scientism that has a five cent sense memory
    with no remembering the good consciousness that created we

    The only star on this “Starship” is the falling stars and stripes
    that now drape the billionaire class in indemnity
    that strips us into a barely making it hold
    corralled in chorus of…heirs singing U.S.A…Aid us
    a private pirates party reign
    dusting us in ash clouding out the son of equal one to a 1%
    concentration of wealth and the wrath of that aftermath

  • Bounties Biden and Stingers

    Bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan began
    in an enhanced interrogation cell
    hell is it another “Curveball”
    from the distant battlefield that zooms into our viewing room
    Russians into our politics

    Let’s protect our troops from false flag operations
    let’s stay at home and social distant ourselves
    from the ashes of insider actions WMD’s Iraqis 9/11 and Saudis
    Osama bin Ladin our financier in a deal with the Mujahideen
    bounty…fully funding the killing of Russians
    border line invaders before we invaded from across the shining sea

  • Canons of Industry

    Heil to Hail
    from Nazi salute…ism to a fascist corporatism
    it’s not folksy
    Volks circled its wagons in Puebla, Mexico for profit over people
    first it was emission production omissions
    a bottom line hails
    for a CEO chief that exhales a MPG smoke signal
    that cast an exhaust cost into the air we breathe

    Canons of industry
    sacred same malevolent cannon fodder of reich and reins
    producing grounded gravestones
    now troop out at mach one sonic waves to hailstones
    shock and awe
    contraption epithet no rain
    “Hail Bangers”
    made in the U.S.A.

  • Igniting Our Alchemies … Basic Chemistry

    “The Immortality Key” opens through “The Doors of Perception”

    rising from the “Road to Eleusis”
    igniting our alchemies basic chemistry
    the artistry that we are spiritually conceived
    to see the potion in the portion of life called physicality
    that matter and what matters
    is life and death are the wings of

    from the toes of Pegasus to the wrought wings of the Wright Brothers
    and the fright of the Enola Gay
    from an ecstatic beginning to a worst case scenario
    now a nuclear Phoenix is arising from the ashes of
    new war…heads of three billion spent with a Trumpist effort
    and bi…partisan support

  • It’s a Not See Theme

    The National Football League’s com…promise is not America’s pro…mise
    it’s a corpo…ration of our nation towards a nationalistic hysteria
    not in league with out historical legacy towards liberty
    it’s stand for the anthem or go to your room
    is a closeting to coming out as a man…
    that can’t kneel but must heel
    to requirements of uniformity and conformity to owners
    owning and forming you is an anathema to U.S.

    The Man…dates to players and personnel
    to stand if on the field of dreams
    is a heorshewas unconditional surrender to pay…checks
    into wage slavery’s new Hay…maker stand day
    a nick nick tick tick calculating Big Brother time watch
    that con…tracks Kaepernicks or Reids into sycophancy
    cacophony of plant…ation rules

  • Out-Posts and Trigger Points

    This is the Is….real…ity of the

    Tik Tok…ing point
    ban millions of Americans’ platforms
    to form a more perfect union

    For Israel is our outpost on the frontier
    of U.S. hegemony and a controlling globalism
    so if you post a contrary talking point
    it triggers
    a warning that you’re figuring out that Palestine has a side
    and you’re seeing the divide was created by design
    along UK…US geopolitical lines configuring
    a genocide
    your sentence “Access Denied”

    Trigger warnings began at the beginning on native lands
    read “Geronimo the worst of the worst”
    fast forward to universities’ “Sensitivities”
    hear no evil devils in the details
    from sea to seeing universities billeting
    “Bias Intervention and Response Teams” and “Informational Activities Policy”
    now see
    E.nvironmental S.ocial G.overnance for
    sustainability or surveillance availability

  • Pan a Man…acea

    The God Pan
    the man Pan
    it is wrong to push or shove the man Pan
    but his is a forceful hymn
    a commandment from the church of his doctorate

    Dr. Pan sees what he wants for all of us to
    his Pan…acea is for all men women and we’re all his children
    for he is playing God where no other
    religious personal philosophical or parental
    may intervene

  • Pandemic’s Rise


    As we scale this pandemic’s rise
    to divide
    the scales of justice have a fingering tip on them
    for a certain justU.S.
    in condemnation and overzealous determination to disenfranchise
    and discriminate
    against those that choose choice

    Choice once was the joist holding up a body’s right
    for a woman or a man or a child
    building a home for body and soul
    that know they don’t want the Castled State to mandate
    inner…jections of unmeasured rule
    certainly not a jab made in a lab

  • Shot Herd ‘Round the Plague

    Niemoller’s cautionary tale informs stories

    that begin with a not you not see and slip
    then flow over an unexpected

    they came masked and properly distanced
    then with a mix and fix sure of solution but no Tea Party
    with tricks and treats that trace track and test can it vaxx a nation with a First

  • The Kingdom Comes, ….. Oh God

    The country of we, … are to believe
    the U.S. of Hemispherical Supremacy
    the White House of Mar-a-Lago reflects on the poor
    of Venezuela
    is a la la lullaby that rests
    assured of amnesia in America

    Dictatorships are dictated by U.S. to us
    you can be the Shah of Iran a Somoza a Pinochet
    as long as you say U.S.A. U.S.A.
    and train your troops at the School of the Americas
    with thus we trust you’ll send your precious resources North
    colossus in collision with platitudes
    of democracy for an oligarchy of our national interests
    bananas oil coltan what have you
    the continuing main course in the neo or re
    enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine a Manifest Destiny feast

  • Treads on All of U.S.

    The F.B.I. must be blind
    to not see a Trump…eting of an anthem
    Confederate to the creed all men equally
    for a race way that drives the only NASCAR
    black man into a garage with a noose

  • Vio…lations Playing Out as Plague

    What is behind this masking … man

    warning shot before the bow
    across the street across the seas on the shore in the store
    mask of man
    siren song

    hear the call cover the mouth see no evil
    to what you’ve bought or brought about
    and besides your eyes are wide not blind
    but sown as woven its compassion and not lastin’
    just don’t ask the forests beings rivers streams or seas
    so lead it’s said

  • White Lies Matter

    Hijacked from their homes which came first

    the protests or the slave ships
    egged on by outside agitators Antifa no
    know it’s the crackle of simmering fascism
    white lies from a White House
    Trump…eting bugle calls from the “Trail of Tears”
    to George Floyd’s “I can’t breathe”
    echoing Eric Garner’s in the land of the …

    a President with the machismo of a bullying teen
    from the bunker beneath the branch of the highest scene
    hunkering from the people in the streets
    searching for the Liberty Tree