• She Made His Bed

    Policies the C.I.A. put an end to Arbenz
    then the continuing of political and covert immigration of might
    makes right Reagan Rios and the ruling classes
    history of the war on the poor
    massacre of the Mayans up against the wall of summary executions
    genocidaires genocide and the movement to el otro lado

    Colossus and the crossing North
    statutes of Executive orders for the work of “National Interests”
    for U.S. there are no borders
    but for her
    she crosses over our policies into an Executive’s Suite
    embedded in Trump’s Bedminster Flagship Golf Course she made his bed
    washed his clothes
    now with lines of her own she’s the minister of immigration justice

  • A Black Butte Returning

    Fire inspired fungi

    on the trunk of a cedar burned
    but not ash
    and the trail takes us higher

    Intuitively zooming this mushrooming
    tattooing of a high mountain tree
    for the climbing mind to branch into
    a better being

  • A Lone Couple

    A lone couple trim a tree a day before

    Christmas Eve
    near a bridge over a creek
    so they can see
    the crossing scene

    The branches cleared
    the trunk reveals the growing rise
    of stream to creek to river flows
    the salmon sea then know their heading

    Upstream the cup runneth over
    a lone couple sat at a table in an empty
    pizza place
    through the window from the salad bar
    seeing scenes from the kitchen from the register
    you could assume they were

  • A Memento From the Memorial in the Meadow

    There are two sides to the same experience

    and they are in…separable
    one in front of you one in back of you
    and the
    neither one is all there is to you

    Couples creation and the making of wo…man
    a becoming from invisible to visible to indivisible
    life performs in light and the afterlife back lights
    the moving meaning
    of the evolving living leaving
    giving back ground to what comes round
    the conductivity connecting

  • A Quantum Fluttering Fuel

    Painted Ladies make that
    made passing through the cocoon living through anewed
    takes flight nectar of life is knowing our life
    a light

    Moth in the night butterflies day flowers delight
    if we bloom we bring beauty through
    even the tiniest crack in materialist facts
    a quantum fluttering fuel to continue influencing

  • A Son

    Traveling south full of warmth this son
    looking up to rise
    coming down the I California five
    hands on the wheel willing to work
    waiting on tables cleaning and clearly
    is seen by someone from Simi
    who saw him and said the future’s ahead

    became friends searching acting dreaming
    winding if rising like a spiral in flight
    this might of your thoughts flies by why with such light
    delights on a limb
    branching on in the fellow hymns

  • A Trip In Us

    Serendipitous is a trip in us

    a synchronicity that lives in us
    a special gift that gives to us
    a lift that arrives as a grace to decide

    A place to go a scene to see
    a place…meant for us to perceive
    the greater design a re-find-meant
    to remember why we wander into
    an arrangement with a vibratory intent
    from a become one for a sense

  • Always There

    From the first breath from your first look up

    from your first steps every turn those twists
    the churning tears the rising switchbacks the stirring mountain highs
    the valleys lived the streams of consciousness
    the shoring up the rivers down the riding waves of rapids dreams
    the timbre of the voices heard and the echoes reassure

    the howl
    of canyon creeks thoughts received ford relief
    in the always there the inner metaphysics
    the arc in the texture of the crossing beams
    the other day the other way the other side

  • An Arrangement

    He took up the guitar to be around his violin
    the strings of things that tie
    he improved and he could sing and they began to play
    a couple and then a bass
    a trio then a band and a violin that couldn’t sing
    so another bow figured in then a mandolin
    drums a banjo and so it goes
    then some bars then some clubs

    and what began as a couple became a group
    and the first violin took a seat
    at rehearsals loosening the tie was the wait
    the listening turned to thinking what had begun
    to bring the fingers closer to the rings on their hands
    in bands of peace and love

  • And Then They Came For… Your Daughter’s Goat

    Cedar her goat was part of her

    re…membering what part of U.S. was created fair
    reminds us her fair goat may not be the
    G.reatest O.f A.ll T.ime
    but it was her

    American exceptionalism as you’re seeing is for
    no exception given to this little girl’s feats
    raising little goat feet

    She seeking a little retreat from a 4H agreement
    for these goat feet to be auctioned for meat
    was met by police with a warrant to breach
    with breaching equipment if need be for breaking a minor’s contract
    contacts the deceit to teach the breadth of power
    to take a breath

  • And We Send in …

    The old saw plays today in an unusual way
    how Coolidge is it “The business of America is business”
    Trump tells this Saudi tale first oiled by FDR
    that our relationship floats over amendments
    to now serve our armaments
    industries not of Rights but Bills with interest
    for global destabilization and control

    from under a Kingdom we came kingdoms come with killing
    from the Tower of London to current powers
    kingdoms some come to change their names not ways

  • Bats Man and Eating Animals

    Panacea for a Pandemic

    SARS too SARS COV-2
    bats man and eating animals
    the virus of us blood letting from a wet market

    A consciousness shot heard round the new global reality
    begins to see Chardin’s “Noosphere”
    not the man made Anthropocene but a means to an
    interconnected one
    not just to one species but one with all thee’s
    birds bees the tallest trees streams the living truth
    the heard immunity
    “Thou shalt not kill”

  • Before Leaving We Must Arrive

    He was in a countdown to leaving…

    10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1… and
    the door opens
    and she says…

    Don’t know if she fixed his back problems
    but it raised in him that thoughts
    pass through physical barriers
    with a timing so uncanny that it may be
    that he can believe
    and leave back problems accountable to him
    in the past

    Congress…men had all of Capital Hill
    built on the backs of slaves
    then railroad men banking men back room men
    war, …men
    land and seize countries here and overseas and then…

    Along came A.O.C.
    Congress…woman with standing on Capitol Hill of men
    not ready for their long overdue comeupends
    on the steps before the chambers
    a representative with friend of his
    unload their rude insulting language
    with an assuming impunity of so long standing

  • Bill…ing

    Heard the Rattlesnakes last evening full of life
    coiled fates entangled states
    heard the rattlesnakes that lasting sound you don’t forget
    if you don’t listen it’s that sound that bites

    Driving home that night the rocky peaks
    the sun about to set
    in the road up ahead I said
    the brakes were dead the steering wheeled
    the spin I took
    I looked around

  • Calabasas What Does It Tell Us

    Calabasas what does it tell us

    foggy morning helicopter parent on his way to coach
    driven parents’ children
    crashed in the Santa Monica Mountains
    harmonicas in harmony

    One of nine was a man of fame and following
    an overflowing streaming
    of memories memorabilia ability and memorials
    adulations and idolatry
    the hall the call of fame but what of the dam
    the watershed the tears of her the fears of his
    the fall from grace the rape case at stake life in prison
    Kobe for sexual assault and false imprisonment
    rape is not adultery

  • CoMet Man


    picture us in a wisp of reality
    traveling through a cosmic trip
    bubbling life bursting through atmospheres
    spheres of influence
    expanding through our consciousness
    let there be light so in the dark

    backdrops lift us up towards a higher peek
    seek that which that stirs
    what makes you into a silhouette
    a cast surrounded by ups and downs
    that coming around

  • Dark Avenues of Revenues

    Our wet markets (if not our bio-weapons labs) our abuse of animals

    create a need for vaccines
    zoonotic diseases creep as we eat and are asleep at the wheel
    driving on industrial diets we arrive in a crash course
    of IOU in the ICU
    we are what we eat full of deceit
    for all but we

    Sars-Cov-1 should have done the trick now comes the treatment
    for Sars-Cov-2 many many more
    a big pharmacological dreamscape vaccines for ever more more

  • Forty Cattle Make a Run

    herd immunity is no protection
    for anti-mandate vaxxers or buffalo that once roamed
    for the cattleization has become our nation
    herded into lines to be shot

    stampedes into the news
    cows escape from Manning Beef
    a slaughter house is not a home
    on any range
    home home … to escape forty cattle make a run
    an open gate…way on Pico Rivera to get a peek
    into industrial rendering
    of the meek

  • Gathering (In Memories)


    Tribu…taries we
    driftwood from the sea
    we walk the shore of
    to see

    Ashore the gale force winds
    the storm the sails the waves
    the frequency of winding trails bring us
    to aware

  • Gathering Above

    Backpack on the hill…sides all around him
    views the steep climbs down and up
    through this life the hike continues
    the vision here improves our insights
    the walking stick figures that heard
    his hymn

    Sing in the wind tumbleweeds and we
    relatives of the same scene
    knowingly carry on the further see
    gathering above this home