• A Lone Couple

    A lone couple trim a tree a day before

    Christmas Eve
    near a bridge over a creek
    so they can see
    the crossing scene

    The branches cleared
    the trunk reveals the growing rise
    of stream to creek to river flows
    the salmon sea then know their heading

    Upstream the cup runneth over
    a lone couple sat at a table in an empty
    pizza place
    through the window from the salad bar
    seeing scenes from the kitchen from the register
    you could assume they were

  • A Memento From the Memorial in the Meadow

    There are two sides to the same experience

    and they are in…separable
    one in front of you one in back of you
    and the
    neither one is all there is to you

    Couples creation and the making of wo…man
    a becoming from invisible to visible to indivisible
    life performs in light and the afterlife back lights
    the moving meaning
    of the evolving living leaving
    giving back ground to what comes round
    the conductivity connecting

  • A Son

    Traveling south full of warmth this son
    looking up to rise
    coming down the I California five
    hands on the wheel willing to work
    waiting on tables cleaning and clearly
    is seen by someone from Simi
    who saw him and said the future’s ahead

    became friends searching acting dreaming
    winding if rising like a spiral in flight
    this might of your thoughts flies by why with such light
    delights on a limb
    branching on in the fellow hymns

  • An Arrangement

    He took up the guitar to be around his violin
    the strings of things that tie
    he improved and he could sing and they began to play
    a couple and then a bass
    a trio then a band and a violin that couldn’t sing
    so another bow figured in then a mandolin
    drums a banjo and so it goes
    then some bars then some clubs

    and what began as a couple became a group
    and the first violin took a seat
    at rehearsals loosening the tie was the wait
    the listening turned to thinking what had begun
    to bring the fingers closer to the rings on their hands
    in bands of peace and love

  • Bill…ing

    Heard the Rattlesnakes last evening full of life
    coiled fates entangled states
    heard the rattlesnakes that lasting sound you don’t forget
    if you don’t listen it’s that sound that bites

    Driving home that night the rocky peaks
    the sun about to set
    in the road up ahead I said
    the brakes were dead the steering wheeled
    the spin I took
    I looked around

  • Calabasas What Does It Tell Us

    Calabasas what does it tell us

    foggy morning helicopter parent on his way to coach
    driven parents’ children
    crashed in the Santa Monica Mountains
    harmonicas in harmony

    One of nine was a man of fame and following
    an overflowing streaming
    of memories memorabilia ability and memorials
    adulations and idolatry
    the hall the call of fame but what of the dam
    the watershed the tears of her the fears of his
    the fall from grace the rape case at stake life in prison
    Kobe for sexual assault and false imprisonment
    rape is not adultery

  • Gathering (In Memories)


    Tribu…taries we
    driftwood from the sea
    we walk the shore of
    to see

    Ashore the gale force winds
    the storm the sails the waves
    the frequency of winding trails bring us
    to aware

  • Gathering Above

    Backpack on the hill…sides all around him
    views the steep climbs down and up
    through this life the hike continues
    the vision here improves our insights
    the walking stick figures that heard
    his hymn

    Sing in the wind tumbleweeds and we
    relatives of the same scene
    knowingly carry on the further see
    gathering above this home

  • Genesis

    Visitation restoration

    of what was becomes
    memories memorials rememberings
    the vitality of creating those
    bringing these to a revival

    The arrival
    the furthering friendships
    the ports of call recalling
    the echoing songs
    souls sailing hearing heard voices
    bringing life lives lived

    Thanks living in the breath
    the vast expanse to grasp
    the all and beyond the love it takes
    to walk within and beneath
    the heavens great the days and ways

  • He Hymn

    He was no Maverick maybe a cowboy
    white and branded with a white hat
    from a top gun perspective he dropped from heights
    of technological superiority on high
    bombs to ground down

    Nationalists revolutionaries to imperialism
    first of French hims followed by American hims
    verses of hegemony hedge funds borrowed from u.s.
    written in euphemisms for cold invasive wars
    he spoke Pentagese
    these Vietnamese were

  • Roger That…

    that revelation on retaliation
    that weather born on earlier relationship storms
    where the umm…brella was to reign down upon
    the scene perceived a torrent a flash flood a damning burst
    fulfilling a thirst so well nursed that his thumb finds its finger
    grips his pen and taps out its curse
    for worst then his head hurts and the heart misses a beat

    that then a revolutionary movement beheld him
    from criss-crossing the rubicon of a checked past that betrayed
    the rising tide inside
    a weaning a passing into meaning to be

  • Sir Man Summoning

    Newsom’s new sum summons us as masked he didn’t ask
    scientists of his choir sing sing in condemnments
    for you to breathe in your exhales to inhale his hails
    the governor ignores your your in order

    to his storied word his book ends now cover your mouth
    you hear the censorship it’s the only voice covered
    adhered the good citizen sees the citizen
    as sinizen and East meets West
    con…figuration force forged face covering facial recognition as
    ignition cognition of a new religious

  • Storytellers’ Storyteller


    Managing roots into a band

    likes it flat as in horizontal like a flow
    marketing spreadsheets into music sheets with a cover
    got them into Huck Finn Avocado
    the mix in the guacamole is the harmony and discipline
    of fun…damentally
    becoming creators in partnership
    with what
    thou art
    richness in living together inspiring a trippy

  • The Dye

    I heard a great grand mother
    say the other day
    “Dying isn’t easy” … neither is a mother’s
    birthing day
    and then the life and then
    what is the darkest night the coming
    what is the sun but a star
    the earth a maze
    at every turn a thought
    I might not see the why

  • The Essence Between

    The night before he was shot he asked for a spot
    of his art on her wall
    he was an artist then and so was she
    siblings sharing a room in a home of nine
    children with a single mom no pop living in poverty

    He had a tree fort in the woods
    a neighbor teen with a gun with or without aim
    shot with view to the tree he was in shed wound to the head
    he bled and in two days was dead

  • There is a Bridge

    Not far from a cabin
    there is a bridge
    painted white now full of graffiti life
    there is where a man shot himself
    accident or epiphany
    self inflicted wound proof or providence
    or just another shooting evidence
    robbery of innocence life strife breaks up
    dreams of he’s and she’s crossing streams
    shot in the back of the knee Marine PTSD
    epiphany accident providence

  • To Land

    If you live at the top of a hill
    it becomes clear the fountain of you…th
    is uphill
    join forces with will the idea became him
    most days he drove sometimes he rode he knew the view
    the drive
    was within

    The perspective from there is downhill
    looking back vision may not last
    very fast

  • Triptolemus

    The ancient Greek messenger from Demeter

    bringing the potion to this portion called life
    ringing in the present that afterlife
    doesn’t need an intermediary

    just a chariot with a chalice so your cup can
    run over this life into afterlife
    life controlled by religion was never for those
    spiritual but not religious

    so freeing it had to be captured
    your genius throttled not released
    choked off at the burning stake for hierarchies sake
    asphyxiation crucifixion the criss crossing out
    of ancient rituals that brought thought out and up
    through paleo pagan christianity to Dionysus to Jesus