• ….tics off the Constitution

    The worst of the worst used as ad…
    to invade and raid from sovereignty to privacy
    First use
    from Geronimo
    “Bad Indian” for not giving U.S. his lands
    to Saddam
    “Bad Guy” for not giving U.S. his oil
    the worst of the worst so well rehearsed
    the crack in the Liberty Bell now rings with Search First

    Hacienda Healthcare Center Phoenix
    nexus to
    what could be worst then a woman in a vegetative state
    being , … personally invaded
    nobody knew till she gave birth pregnant now the dragnet

  • A New Heeling

    The new heeling is a data drop, DNA on birthing day
    the stork for the stark
    baby seen before baby steps
    giant leap for mankind or stampede of the buffaloed need to know

    From wondering if it’s to be a she or he
    to sonograms pints of paint room pink or blue
    then eggs for sale, sperm is too, surrogates, petri dish
    a needle pricking make-up before your first date wake-up
    from a tap on the rear to a pointed scream screening

  • Ad…venture in…Digestion

    Factory farming incu…baits us into lab grown meats
    life-science companies so you can eat
    molecular biology gee whiz kids
    Silicon Valley’s next hip market is a…breast
    milking us in curdling fermentation molecules
    fake meets the next bust

    IndieBio for the bucks dear me
    let them eat life science
    animal free egg white birth of synthetic feed lots
    wine and dine for the masses
    don’t stop reproducing don’t stop killing thoughts
    synthetic buyology marrying genes so you can be SOSV…

  • Awash in a New Land

    “First they came for …” an exercise of religious freedom

    then abridging speech and pressing not for the Pearly Gates
    or our Bill
    but Bill Gates formulations that mass gatherings should have

    Our new nation revolutionized the King Done
    now we’re flattering a Queen of Imperial Disease for a crowning
    kind of speech on Corona disease
    to capture the contagion we must contain
    what remains of the Ten Amendments and Ten Commandments
    listening to the Queen of Invasion of the common…wealth
    -Stay at home Social distancing Shelter in place-
    if only she and her aristocratic European ancestors
    had only taken this tack instead of catching the wind…
    fall for attacking enslaving and engraving
    a New World in a gold and silver
    lying lining five centuries of mass graves
    of visible and invisible
    crimes of La Corona of colonialism

  • Bad Knights Errant


    All we are saying in general killing is wrong
    in General killing
    Soleimani was an act in solidarity with an U.S.
    a solemn usurping of we for a power of precedent
    for Presidents to act as royalty
    for a kingdom that comes from a global conspiracy

    Police State
    if you see something say something
    oh say can you see a general assassination program began with
    and oh bomb u.s. has now murdered a General
    of a sovereign nation we’re not at war with yet

  • Canons of Industry

    Heil to Hail
    from Nazi salute…ism to a fascist corporatism
    it’s not folksy
    Volks circled its wagons in Puebla, Mexico for profit over people
    first it was emission production omissions
    a bottom line hails
    for a CEO chief that exhales a MPG smoke signal
    that cast an exhaust cost into the air we breathe

    Canons of industry
    sacred same malevolent cannon fodder of reich and reins
    producing grounded gravestones
    now troop out at mach one sonic waves to hailstones
    shock and awe
    contraption epithet no rain
    “Hail Bangers”
    made in the U.S.A.

  • Corp.u.s.

    It’s a truth it’s a lie it’s a fake
    do a double take it’s a “Deepfake”
    is it you is it them is it u.s.
    digital video technology to control
    sets sell

    Deep State
    facial mapping and A.I. and it ain’t for you
    invading framing frauding same old rule…ers
    colonialism to terrorism feudalism to corporatism
    new tools same measures too

  • Cover Your Face … It’s the Compassionate State

    Oh the needle prick and the witches broom

    come sweeping through
    a silent Salem which is witch
    retractable pin prick rules who is who
    wo…men outspoken the Inquisition comes for you
    18th Century censoring
    retractable needles “Hey you” we’re uncovering a witches brew

    21st century continuum
    Retractable Tech. Inc. makes me think
    is this a new draft of the old hollow shaft
    retractable needle so if a pricker didn’t stick no blood
    but money for a witch prickers paid by the witches

  • It’s Not Well Done

    Industrial identities of meat and milk…
    their distortions of living and motherhood
    to insure their labeling is what we
    their deceit as the work of pro…fits
    factory farming and assembly line production
    proofs of

    prophets in vivo
    Industrial Revolutionary’s Luddites were not Dark Knights
    but the first enlightened men and women to meet
    industrialization in the streets
    it took Wellington to defeat
    processed from cottage home time line to factory time clocked
    working man…aged child assembled in line lineage
    working machines he’s and she’s tick tock
    till the dark night quakes
    in vitro

  • It’s Stepping Up

    Remember the simple old invasion days

    only a few decades away from today
    you’re in the land of the free and all they wanted from you
    urine your pee check…mate for a Police State
    your pen…is drained writ large
    it’s an erection of Big Brother a tinkle toy
    in the hands of Uncle Sam

    Remember the old Military Industrial Complex has flexed
    its armaments now ready to inject the militarized medicalrised industraments
    of its Gods…Zillions DARPA and BARDA
    into U.S.
    new apps in the colonizing collapse of the interior nation
    vac’s and other attacks can keep track…
    authoritarian regimes what are you doing behind the scenes
    from animal feet in the snow to cold marks for kids in school
    it’s stepping up
    the chain of command and control

  • Know No

    When A.I. turns your know to no
    it’s an Alpha…bet that let’s
    it’s ABC’s know more than you do
    a whiteout voodoo drumming to a dumbing down
    which craft
    so we round down to sending the same info-structured text

    closing the book on creative sentencing to sentence
    so when the message arrives it’s been massaged
    by a robotic hand man made smart
    to insure that your deepest thoughts
    are industrially pooled in a vortex vortal of standardized code
    rote for a programmed

  • Little Chicks

    Chicken Little the sky is falling little chicks

    with bigger breasts
    juicy and tender big vendors adore your taste for their flesh
    quarter pound hens in pens you’re abreast to a battery cage assault
    a little piece of dead sandwich fed between a bun sized processing
    by the Huns of die…eating

    Specification animals engineered to fill
    packaging protocols
    the sky is falling for rockets and planes’ with fuel droppings
    no regulations for space race…isms
    kerosene black soot hydrazine

  • Needled … Freaks

    One flu

    shot over the whole U.C.
    in the name of disease u.c.
    flies the feathers of the Chief Medical Officer
    no alternative no one you can see can be
    not seeing you is this mitigation decree

    This is a doctrinal wave signaling a systemic tsunami
    trigger warnings sowing a knowing
    you can’t see hear or believe other than the overseer
    no student shall pass without a hail…
    ing degree to this new chief

  • On the Road to Rest in Pieces

    Rest in peace
    it used to be said, when you were dead
    rest in peace has been demeaned
    rest in pieces, what does that mean for your peace

    Some parts living out lives,
    on movies made for TV
    your parts parceled out
    while you were still in one piece

  • Pricks Your Inquisition

    Fake news is nothing new
    from Geronimo as the “Worst of the Worst” to WMD’s and Iraqi’s
    to the “Bad Guys” at Gitmo fake news
    is being used to shut down other views

    The whitewash from the White House
    is a tide from sea to sea
    not a new wave but a Manifest Destiny Tsunami swallowing we
    consuming freedom and liberty for a global imperial creed

    Fake news fake forensics
    fake videos in the news that can look like you
    facial imaging algorithm’s avatar icons photoreal in real time
    your inquisition witches women blacks hispanics you
    me…dia day los HeorHeresy
    sick and dire we under surveillance means question the analytics
    tool marks, bite marks, tire, tracks, fingerprints infallible follicles
    “Pattern Matching”
    inventions for persecutions prosecution for war and we

  • Satellite Strings in a Dark Musk

    Last night in the dark night sky

    there was a beautiful flowing streaming UFO
    oh know
    it was an unfortunate flying objection
    advertising a connectivity destroying creativity in the name of the poor
    the rich Elon Musk with an act scent of Mars
    aggressively stringing satellites pulling sleighs of in…flowmation
    a kneeling down
    to the Crown controllers of today they have made
    the contrails of day all the way to the heavens
    crisscrossing our stars we are now laced to the magnates

  • Space Car Cape…er ARV’s Are We

    Take offs for profit not prophets
    space car Cape…
    Canaveral escapade heads for the sun
    Starman manakin at the wheel for a fortune to come
    this Tesla midnight cherry red roadster
    named for a man fine grooming a death ray
    for sale cinder…ella a combustible story sets sail
    namesakes, in a high stakes SpaceX, nexuses to the national security state

    invasions of Mars moon
    rockets red glare from here from where
    Operation Paperclip rocket nazis to U.S.
    V-2 Saturn V stay tuned “Project Mars” “Dr. Strangelove”
    is that you Wernher von Braun SS then one of U.S.

  • Stare to Where

    5G yeah we’re led to say ok it’s faster
    it’s not magic it’s a mad magician’s trick
    a stare to where
    you don’t see it’s a meter away how smart is that
    it’s a commercial attack
    radiation like it’s never been sold
    poor old atomic soldiers Manhattan and the projection became
    from we to not see

    3 Mile Island was a meltdown now the countdown to 5G
    only the I lands right next to me so smart I only need one hand
    and it reads for me 5
    it’s a geographic land mass slide for atomic scale massless graphene
    microwave frequencies scaler waves of brain control
    from sea to all of we 5 geed

  • The Role Called

    The river flows as the soul goes
    there the bends there never ends
    don’t be damned up about boulders on your shoulders
    find your way around let your feats rise
    till your thoughts overflow
    and the stream fulfills the dream
    the wish is your will
    the damn it man made it
    cascade the shade in sprinkled light

    Wither the weather
    storm cells perseverate cell towers metastasize
    five gee’s and we cell phones held heading unheard
    for sale is afloat and you are the antidote
    salesmanship is incorporated and corporal arms sales have reached your arm
    the pin prick of witch hunts is now a global vaccine scene

  • To Catch a, … Sheep

    To catch a Zodiac, Grim Sleeper, Golden State
    is an end we all want
    by any means all options on the table sounds like
    our Foreign Policy coming home to domesticate u.s.
    it’s happening here First Strike becomes First Search
    forget the Fourth of our founders or the Fourth of our founding
    we’re in…dependence
    a daze of fear and conned…fused to a Corporate State
    bases in our homes computing cell phoning honing
    a watching every move recording every word

    Let’s Face…Book it we’re under a Google Glass window ceiling celling your room
    open wide for a swabbing robbery
    from the mouth a river of information stole must be sold
    the same way we sell our wars
    swallow first the “worst or the worst” Saddam Gaddafi Assad effect
    so you’ll stomach the shock and ahh…of just how far

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