Big Bang Crash Course

What!? ... God’s part ... in all of this
call it a Higgs Boson, because, ... god damn it
we can’t find the god damn particle
it’s elemental to our standard, ... Big Bang crash course
for mass ... instruction
the destruction of trillions of atoms for the construction
of the universe
that requires big bucks

Build a 10 billion dollar machine with a 17 mile race track
all bets placed by scientists
who enlist and insist that millions or trillions of proton collisions
will produce

a Boson, a Higgs Boson that gives weight and gravity
and a boost and a boast sum
to super-size CERN
so we can learn more from someone’s
who build, design, and find what funds them and defines us

Through the Big Bang through to trillions of collisions
accelerated near the speed of light
to discover, no, dinosaur footprint
more a ghost in the machine, a scientist shoe size
to fit the standard model

- if you get to mass who got you there -
passing through the field of coming attractions
creates mass
at...las detects, testaments too
whose hands, fingertips, god’s, man’s, enjoy the mass
scripture, script by CERN...tain scientists, Cathers’ god of good...

passing through a field we dream of means ...
Higgs to things or a my...stic consciousness
what holds all these thoughts
we gather

Announced on the 4th of July
is it Higgs or another go...
a Templar’s defeat, a New Jerusalem, a Solomon’s Temple
a CERN, a independent, interdependent, dependency

your world order form
built in light, near the speed of light, black hole or dark matter
anti-matter, matter has mass
and congregations

gathering together
to god’s part in all of this
is the coming attraction
a mys...tic’s to scientists


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