M. Feuer for Control… L. A. City Attorney

Oh in just…for the new year 2014 an oral swab job
us just
open your mouth wide it may not be the Norwegian scream
but it is a bridge too far, it isn’t Hiroshima but it crosses the line
from he or she was in the land of the free
to checkpoints that swab!
a far cry, a thin blue line compromise for those who who know it’s

high…way robbery of your dignity
in the name of sobriety
drunk on power, police in the name of the, state…
your name and my country used to be U. S. eh…
aren’t we supposed to be free of unreasonable searches and seizure of…

Open sir, and you’re under suspicion, arrested
under duress the portable Bill of Rights for a new portable
fluids test
then the needle the blood test, under stress for driving
on a street where I meet
to a Police State…

fair warning for a new year
your security for your freedom to drive
from home to home you land stopped in person…
papers please effects the state of union between the governed
and a government without consent, warrant or reason
checkpoints to a dis…jointed anointment of an invasion
that takes your breath, opens your mouth on the way to your veins

Red, white and blue wasn’t created to so rudely intrude
on our passageways
from home to Homeland Security ends with demeaning
the meaning of citizen subjected to the latest annexation of the nation’s
for a under pass that…stops and swabs, piracy on the low tide
to see and shine flashlights of might … lanterns away from how we came
from sea to shining sea we now saw ourselves away
from oh beautiful for spacious skies to specious D. U. I. aye technology
swabbers for drugged drivers opening a new black box
pan…dooring for an authoritarian fix

All to counter grass-roots democracy
weed weed we were created persons and papers to be free
read read the Declaration of Independence the Bill of Rights
po…lice please don’t be Dark Knights for the policies
of control and conformity the confines of corporate government
fascistic facsimiles

that speak in a slurred speech that talks democracy
but blows smoke in backrooms and boardrooms and uses backroads
and backdoors
that open yours with checkpoints and a precision PRISM
separating us from the red white and…
few who blew through our check…book


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