from Mexico to the United States
through the crack in the Liberty Bell
tierra y libertad, land of the free
revolutionary we came into being people
recognized spirits
of 1776 and 1910
a men meant to be educated free
now to disappear to appear
in planted memories

Domino’s doctrines degrees decrees policies
no conspiracies
know Vietnam October Surprise Iran Contra Iguala
Bush elections
9/11 emergencies imminent kill, … lists
what used to be

now implanted memories
from men to trained mice in digitized memory maze
man made matrix
from asteroseismology to an earth shake down…
loaded tweak frequency can you hear U.S. now
we’re in shock and ahhh complacency

We need an eruption a la…a reactivation
back to the frequency of suns
starring not disappearing but reappearing
Zapata’s and Jeffer…sons rising

as black sites come home upload
more light to right the wrongs
from the War on Drugs to the War on Terror
from the Extraordinary Rendition for cartel to Bagram hell

the unjust informs a way
that in, forms us selling our cells infused
with lies we slip and slide into a con-plex

epigenomes know our constitution and are under the influence
of our thoughts as is our Constitution
we need to know above all
the epigenome dynamic phenomenon can inspire and give rise
to the we in all of us

don’t need implanted knowledge
a new memory wise guide to a descent that injects a
neuroscience dessert plate passed through a billion dollar
Brain Initiative
a new meaning to Being machining
with acronyms from EEG to PET to CAT scanning
a domestication breakthrough for digitized chips
uploading a new industrialized revolution of consciousness

Digitized management through a “connectome”
to the “human genome” from Internet to Brain-net
security that interrogates our present thought through patterns
with a blueprint to a “Friendly … AI” that uploads

a Disappearing Act
of what it means to be, … you man
disappears into a magnetic resonance out of frequency
with a home home on a range of its



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