What matters in dark matter
is what holds us together
what we see is what we hold to be
boson Yeti
footprints aren’t evidence for Yeti it’s not a part… of him
but an article of metaphysical interdimensional faith

but let he
be of Hadron the Collider of CERN in a surge
in its Super Bowl shape with no black hole escape faith
with 13 trillion volts of new hope
smashed in the past beams of light
to be knighted Higgs boson discovered by what isn’t seen
but surmised by today’s
wise guys

for particle destruction to resurrect
“God Particle”
the LHC rhythm is its hymnal to channel
its belief that there is no “God” particle
just a pro-traction meaning to higher energies
a need to explore the proton of light to know the stranger stuff
of the cosmos
a smashing hit for antimatter
or just a more
dark matter

is held at a Swiss race track
with boots on the ground world ready to invade
time and space
to see
what can’t be seen
in thee collated consciousness
in a

coalesced essence


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