Draftees in Democracy

Your draft stock drops because you smoke pot
in a league of shots to the head it’s hard to take
pot shots so full of holes
where players take painkillers to play

for a payday that results in assaults
on their very own treasure, chest, so their brains
would spell out not spill out
so they could fill in the truth of their loss

shots to the head
your draft stock drops because you smoke pot
hits to head that don’t find you dead
in a league with a deflate-gate for Patriots
win win win
lead ins to inflate-gates to war

now that draft door for war went cold as the old
“Dulce et Decorum est”
has become the sweet street truth that war
is daft

draft shock became voluntary with the help of pot…
smoke on the mirror of U.S.
with a ticket to invade

the draft out of Colorado and Washington is your stock
has risen to live on



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