Asterimos fills the ears Pythagorus hears
these spheres that influence the confluence
of as above so below

We trash the desert trash the seas
space waste encircles us, junk the DNA we can’t read
all you need to know is a five and dine reality
giving birth to a false sun rising
this burst
first splits the atom here on our earth
Alamagordo then onto a Rising Sun island
vaporization evaporation of souls to own
a new Cold War for the old War World Tour

onto Mercury hot city Nevada and
multiple false suns irradiating U.S.
the peaceful atom now split into its commercialized
design fraud nuclear power
ripe…ful from its beginning to 3 Mile Island
Chernobyl Fukushima how did you not see
this atom split was a Trojan seed

do we take these names in vain…glorious space
Galileo did you see the pendulum swing
acceleration of falling bombs into Ye’s Jupiter
Cassini did you see in the rings a gap
for a probe of unknown division

Lift offs that could have been a Nagasaki
U.S. drunk on the odds we survived the
Manhattan martini so why not launch
the atom to search and see the king and
then the rings of our system solar system meet our genie
take off capsules make it past our atmosphere

We’ve nuked life and lived those outer bodies
they’ve not lived till we arrive…
Callisto Io Europa Galileo into Jupiter we must go
uh oh
Zee…u.s. Titan’s alive holy micro wave Greek myth tragedy
maybe Saturn’s methane lake moon’s a second take
if we Cassini Titan life
if we nuke that methane lake big mistake
dose y dose
so lo and behold it’s Saturn’s turn let’s see, …
our volatile
gas didn’t ignite and end earth’s turn
let them eat
rings rings rings

Cassini leaves its Atom power source
an Eve to you Saturn
hope to see you fellow star child
planetary orbit … or … obituary
the Big Bang Theory wan’t supposed to be A bomb conspiracy
false sun like con…temporaries

Star children our nine siblings
plan…ets are borne to run rings around the light
Galileo and Cassini born to a flash in Pan … to mind of war
offspring from nuclear power to a darker ring
washed in blood its radioactive to life
it reacts in negativity nativity to the dark side
turnkey of abandonment

Star children
come from light to enlight a la Astrainofus
sipping dew we come to know Pythagorus’s
songs of the spheres
bringing proportion equations and amazement
you know them by their flight not fright
a spin through the night


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