A Moving Tale

He was his trainer
he taught him all that was new
not all that he knew

While they were standing…
although they never saw eye to eye,
he was his trainer
which was the beginning
of taking sides
and of their ultimate demise

Was it the training…tricks
the carrots or the stick
it was a Karmic mix…
the hier…archical joke

The human hitching post
that yokes us…unbeknownst
to a contra…dick…tory
that lies
a reasoned why

Although created side by side
we decide
was the treatment for this
moving picture
of a ramp and a trainer and a…

who had come to terms
with the…means
to his internment

When the trainer fell
he knew only too well
for his memory served him well
it was the only way to tell…
that this moving story
needed to end

He’d been trained away from what he knew
so he put his foot down
one huge step for an elephant
a way to try to bring man
down to earth
from the bad trip

The fall, into a full mooning belief, that reflects
an emptiness and disrespect
for what is a moving story

They said that he
didn’t think, just thought
the trainer was a ball
that’s all

the elephant knew