Law and Order in the Deep Blue-Greying Sea

Commercial diver M.R. loves fun in the sun
loves the ocean, too
he dives superficially deep

This Oedipus wrecks
names himself victor
searching for victims

This Oedipus wrecks
pillaging his Mother
as if life was spoil

Taking urchins, abalones, and lobsters
for a dollar, and why not, they can’t holler
he dives superficially deep
harvesting the Great White Lie
but then and now, surfacing above superficiality
the taker gets took, up from the depths
rises the Great White Shark
enforcing the law, in order to balance

The Great White Shark
takes a bite from the Great White Lie
a bite M.R. calls his leg
the commercial diver, arms flailing
weighs the price per pound, in his now unbalanced condition
the price per pound now feels artificially limp
shocked with pain, he now feels no gain

The Great White Sheriff shakes it off and continues
to live in law, in order, to balance
in the great deep blue-greying sea