The Mechanocracy of Our Democracy

Voting machines, oh say did you see…
how we ended up as voting machines
marching in tune to what they tell is true
industrialized you
trusting in technology
a mechanocracy of our democracy

Oh machine
I’ve never seen such efficiency
in making us believe in press button democracy
oh mechanocracy I trust in thee
no need for the Supreme…..Court to intercede
there’s no doubt in your recount

Voting machines decide for me
I trust in thee
faith based booths elect the next global protectorate
for U.S.
globalization is the God we trust

Industrial revolution has factor…ied our story
from humans to animals to our political means…
a mockery of democracy

Mechanocracy of our democracy
machining our voting booth into a milking machine
sucking the life out of every scene
that makes you believe
you are, and are not a machine