Is it to Give…

Two thousand and two, and two
antelope and lion
are pictured walking in step
not running one afraid and away
from the other
predator and prey

What does it say
two thousand and two and two
antelope and lion give us a ray
of hope to say…

When the lion leads the way
of affection and protection
to the antelope, who
on any previous day

How far are we away, from, such a precious day

This picture of prey and predator days, gone away
a new day

The lioness leads the way
what is her dream
what has she seen
what does she see, and
what does it mean to you and me
to see the lioness and the antelope at ease
but she must rest, and…

While she slept, up crept her…day dream, still incomplete
while she took rest and slept
up crept the mate to her past fate
the antelope fell prey
a lionized worldview

She awakes overtaken by her need to dream
she accepts the past, and her creature’s caste
a shadow not of her
of her herd

reawakened, and unshaken
by innocence taken
arises to walk again the path untaken
she’s not mistaken, what she hears
adheres to her, lioness without fear
to adopt the opposite
to see outside the gain of predator and prey

What is her aim, as she changes the age old claim
of antelope as game…
is it to give…
us a new picture to frame


the lioness
who stalks
the dream
for all of us

to see