Rule by the Military Industrial Few

Staying the course is not a strategy
it’s stratocracy
behind a bush sign, “Strategy for Victory”
is stratocracy
military might posing as democracy
from the far right far from right
both wings of our demockery
make war its rallying cry

but tears fall
from disenfranchised eyes

the “Leader” now winds the well worn
whining that if you want to save your son
or anyone from the lies
from which he or she dies
you’re laying minds, laying mines, you’re the insurgent inside
My Lai, My Lai
Massacres recur when it doesn’t occur…
the masses are the cure

we the people
are defeated by a White House or any one House
that delivers white phosphorous
in the name of prosper…U.S.
obscuring not just our troop movements but moving u.s.
into using the very “Curveball”
used to move us into Iraq

“Chemical we” and DU scenes now used by U.S.
but no channeling Chalabi on TV
strikes of a stratocracy
pre-empting we

Now you see, what we need
is an end
to rule by the military industrial few
and renew who we should be
a country in sync with who we think we are…
“In good we trust”