Refer to Reefer

Judge Thomas states, when it comes to guns, crime, schools
the Federal Courthouse is far removed, in fact
the feds defer to states, rights, on said
refer to reefer … and jeepers creepers, here come the peepers
here come the judges
here come the feds
relying on prescribed law, lawyers, and politicians
not physicians

States, by plebiscite, recite, right to reefer, and
jeepers creepers, here come the doctors of doctrine
“There is no medical necessity exception to the prohibitions
at issue, even when the patient is seriously ill and lacks
alternative avenues for relief”

Clarence, with no inhibitions, is clear
the Supreme Court will deliver eight to zero, tolerance
for your grief, and the people’s preference for reefer relief
it’s their belief in congressional confessionals of 1970
the scheduling of marijuana as one-a the one, two, few
drugs devoid of any medical value

So you
must live sick and die, why, because these justices
rely in the schedule one lie

Your intestinal constitution is cancerous
is it unconstitutional
to seek relief from medical professionals
federal court doctors of drug war doctrines
relying on doctored drug war theorems
then arraigning them as high court theology
that descends, playing God with your life!

Is it
their schedule one to control, all, fun
regardless of constitutional foundations
Have we been counted out before they get to ten?
Marijuana as schedule one, was not created in the sun
but by a regressive congress’ Controlled Substance Act
regardless of the facts
a prescription written by politicians in the seventies
now prescribed by jurists without respect for the bill or the fact

That the Tenth Amendment protects the people
and states
the fact, that, not all power is delivered to the Feds, this fact
is the prescription for the health of the people