Stepping Stones

How deep are the chords
that reach into our deepest accords
is a band that moves us into harmony
reaching perfection or touching our perfection
are they moving us in their rhythm, or
moved by hearing our rhythm
what is the magic ring, a thing
what is the magic … ring

Is a band’s tightness, an aid
to releasing the grip we hold ourselves in
a beat out of step with a dance we all know
made difficult by the cold, to step into its flow

We dream but rarely wake
to find the stream, but we must dream
to free the damns, doubts, and don’ts
that hold us all back

We two step or four step or twelve step
but it’s the one step
that is sent through, through knowing that you are true
to you
then all steps or stones are used
as stepping stones

Notes that make life a stage, on which we may
hit the highs and lows, without
missing the universal beat, of
an organ we play together
we feel the same pulse
that is the source
of our rhythm