But Your Eminence

“But Your Eminence…”
only the domain name has changed
from London on the Thames
under King George or James
New London on the Thames,

The people lose to profit…
fall to the engineers of Research and Development
for a higher tax base

“The business of America is business”
has come home to roost
out public use for public purpose
the posing
of democracy for oligarchy

This chemical transaction
transmutes pursuit of happiness to property for profiting
as the Liberty Bell rings only if you have…
the toll

First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, Tenth
the Bill

Past do’s and don’ts
won’t stop… “Public Purpose”
if your lot…your life
can raise the tax base in New London, Connecti…
to Iraq where their land has been re…appraised
for U.S. air ways
means to a different base
paid for by the same faces
another case
Your Eminence’s dominance
whether it’s Kings or Queens or Fiends or Demons

whether it’s Eminent Domain
in the name of Pfizer
pre-eminent pre-emptive strikes in the name of a
ruling Reich

These pharmaceuticals
are not an alchemy of us
but the suit…ables for a transformation of a nation
that tie-up the core of our Bill
to a hymn or a hill or on high…
for corporations that use our courts and corps
to usurp those beautiful proportions
 of people to power

To give power to the purpose
the transaction of “Public Use” to private purpose
from the Fifth to the Fourth to the First

the abuse
of u.s. as a domain name
using dominance as the refrain is reverberating
from New London to the Thames
Kabal to Baghdad
to all

Not in our name…no eminence grise
rise to the change
on the evidence…that what is imminent
is the emerging consciousness

your life, your liberty, your pursuit of happiness
belonging to you, not to greed
are not the effluent of affluence