Bow to the Wow of Techno How

Verily, verily, verily
how did they marry we…to the need
to be chipped…micro we
so afraid to roam free
we micro chip ourselves away till
our government can see every…move or whatever they, need
to make sure you or me…are seen

tip of a very cold dip
into my country can decree
directly into me…imposing their will, not thy will is being done
a life free of liberty, pursuant to their need
to see me, from sea to shining sea

How did it come to be our need
remove the Indians they lived free, allow the buffalo to roam, no, no, no
from buffalo to lo and behold
the sacred cow of how we came to be
to how we now…from New Delhi see…
into the belly of the beast
we bow to the wow of techno how…Baa Baa
to be rumitag…ed
peep, peep…the new beat

beats away at cornerstones…chipped for masonry that cements
you to a need to be
the first on your block…being I.D.’d
no matter the need
Alzheimer’s to lost child to vaccines
the B.S. of G.P.S.

The tragic wand
wielding to weld a picture of u.s.
held in the hands of an Iron Fist
we bare our image

we take a microchipped dip
into a cold all seeing eye
under the opening guise of life saving…

The Global Positioning
of those few that chip a way
so as to
estrange us from…thy will be done
into someone whose will
is read
from birth to their…