LocoparentisState Home of the Peeons

Duck ... you have to be blind to
not see
Oregon Ducks you’re in the urinalysis cup

The precedent
Vernonia v. Acton for High, ... school athletes
why, Scalia says they’re children and under the Principal
loco parentis
not the Founding Fathers principled Fourth
leads to Board of Education v. Earls heralded by Thomas
all adhere all extracurricular students now pee
dope’s on a slippery slope to wee the people who pee

You’re in
nation of standardized testing of mind and matter
schools first 1-5, 6-8, 9-12 to conformity then uniformly forth
Fourth through the courts
schools, Vernonia 6-3, Earls 5-4
score 11-7

you’re in
a jersey of any mascot and you have to pee
sow randomly
Oregon State Law reads right of reasonable suspicion
but we’re all now constitutionally seen
High, courts Oregon University students as all our

collar and leash taught to teach
how to play the game
to pass and run and jump through the
of you drug free of weed
to concuss, don’t discuss painkillers.....

Will the high court succeed with this short course of we
educated university students fees pay for student pee
will that lead all of us
behind the blind
wooden ducks and whipping us
up for a not seeing Uncle Sam mascot

Masquerading as free, reigns on us
this is your random mandatory
pee we or free we