Stars and Stripes of Our Own Dream

The Peppered Moth chose to blend in...
to the Industrial Revolution he flew wings in...
hue to the bark of newly blackened trees...
covered in soot these trunks
now highlighted the moth’s speckled white to the birds’ delight
so they chose a darker colored life

The black moth still loves the candlelight
it just adjusted to industrial life
it was no Luddite
cottage to industrial life wasn’t just for weavers
this spin changed their spatter
to a new platter consuming the “commons” pattern
men and women, robins and hoods conforming
to the new uniform scene continues
from industrial age to today’s games
blending in can change your DNA
or at least your lettering or coloring
for a day

Like moths drawn to the ballpark lights
the new stadium rights
have a Roman way of pointing you
assembly line fans
pinstriped to Dodger blue
take at bats and sing out of tune with...

Village People
lyrics ring with foul lines to...
to become
why, are, you, gay
fans out of true
with red, white or blue
beat Giant fan with S.F. cap
into L.A. black and comatose

America its pastime
from White House to Pentagon, diamonds to stadiums
it pastime no more coliseum gladiators, no sacrificial wars
no more Roman ways or imperial stays
America its pastime
we need a home run
with equality and justice for all...
life, liberty, and happiness regardless of your
color or lettering

In our hoop dream, let everyone whoop it up
colored and lettered
to their DNA
let’s say
no whiteouts in Miami, brownouts in Arizona
no color coding arenas
no cheers that cast the gates closed
to those ... out, of uni...form

Our home needs to run
of wars and drone...ings
in on other states ..., or apostates from the factoried team mind
mined for logos or coltan or sand bars

Let’s sing the Star Spangled Banner in tune
with the need to return home to the lyrics
why are you free
because we believe in sovereignty
and the stars and stripes
of our own